Difference between Power BI, Tableau and Qlikview

The Power BI, the tableau, and the Qlikview are all three powerful business analytics tools. That is used when every time a business presentation has to be made for the sake of stakeholders. Though each of these tools is highly competent yet they have some advantages over one another that can’t be ignored. So either you go and have a cup of coffee or sit tight because we at takethiscourse.net will find out the major differences between these three tools and help you understand what these three tools exactly are.

Power BI vs. Tableau vs. QlikView

Power BI Tableau QlikView
Power BI was launched in the year 2013. Tableau was launched in the year 2003 which is 10 years before the launch of Power BI. QlikView is the oldest as it was launched in the year 1993.


With Power BI, detailed visualization of the data can be given using reports and dashboards. On the contrary, tableau helps to convert raw data in a form of meaningful insight. Then provides well-presented dashboards for the data. Lastly, with QlikView, data visions are provided in the form of larger data sets.
The Power BI has many tools to offer that are quite advanced and help in analyzing and interpreting the data easily. Between these three, the tableau is the winner in this category as it provides many drill-down and filtering options for interpreting and analyzing the data. QlikView doesn’t have such tools to analyze and interpret data efficiently.
Power BI is an easy tool to use. As it just looks like an advanced version of excel so people seem to understand this tool in less time. Tableau, on the other hand, is not a household tool that anyone can easily use. Stronghold on all concepts is required to use this tool thereby those who are at the data science level could use it well. Now if we talk about QlikView, it also demands to have a data science background. Because programming skills are required to use this tool effectively.
In terms of a customer community, the Power BI comes with the office 365 package so those who buy other Microsoft products might be exposed to this tool as well. On the other hand, the tableau is a different tool and has a huge amount of customer community. QlikView, on the contrary, can be only used by people with programming knowledge. So, in terms of a customer community, not many people are from this background.

Thus by taking a look at these differences, we can say that each of these three tools come with their own unique set of features and are used by different people. Each has its pros and cons that make them unique from one another. Like in some ways, the power bi can be considered as the more effective of the other two in making cost-effective decisions.

While on the other hand, the tableau is the best at visualizing data, and at the same time the Qlikview is known best for its robust analytics feature. In short, what we’re trying to explain our viewers is that each the tools are equally competitive and are used by different category of people.

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