Guide To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party In Bangalore

Guide To Plan A Perfect Birthday Party In Bangalore

Birthdays are the one most special days of anyone’s life and if your dear one’s birthday is just around the corner, then it is time for you to start planning an amazing birthday party for them. Bangalore is a hub for celebrations and there are always parties going on in different parts of the city. Obviously you want to make the birthday part a special one for your dear one and simply visiting a pizza restaurant isn’t going to make that happen. So, here we are with a proper guide to plan a birthday party.

Prepare The Guest List

Preparing a guest list will let you arrange other things like food and venue. So, make a list of all the closed ones that you want to invite. This depends upon whether you want to organise a large party or a small one. Decide and choose the number of guests. Send them an e-invitation for the party and ask them to respond if they are going to attend the party. Plan it all secretly if you want to keep the party a surprise.

Choose The Venue

Once you know how many guests are going to attend the party, you can decide the venue accordingly. You can either book an e restaurant or pub with an electrifying atmosphere or you can go for a backyard party at home. There are so many placed nearby Bangalore as well to visit to celebrate the special day. You can even go for a short weekend getaway.

Order A Delicious Birthday Cake

Place your online cake order in Bangalore for a delectable birthday cake. A cake is a must to mark the special celebrations and you need to be very thoughtful in picking the perfect cake for your dear one. Get a photo cake or fondant theme cake for the birthday party and make sure that you order an appropriate size of the cake according to the number of guests you have invited.

Decide The Food Menu

Probably the hardest part in planning the birthday party. You want to choose the best food and drinks. We suggest you to hire a catering service if you are organizing a bug birthday party or if it is a small party then you can go with a fusion of North Indian and Italian food. Also make sure that you have some soft drinks and alcoholic drinks as well to keep the tempo high.

Organise Fun Activities

To spice up the birthday celebrations and to make it more entertaining, you can organise some funny games. According to the age group of the guests, you can choose some funny games to keep everyone engaged. The birthday party will surely be a memorable one with everyone participating in the games.

So, these were the different tips that you should keep in mind while planning for a birthday party. Make the birthday party a hut by properly organising it and booking everything in advance so that there is no hassle on the special day.

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