Best Online Taxi Service to Make Your Ride Comfortable

Best Online Taxi Service to Make Your Ride Comfortable


“Time and tide do not wait for anyone” that is why people do not want to get late for anything, so they are always in a hurry. Traffic is of the biggest problems that commuters have to face now and then.

Like there is a solution to every problem, this problem, too, has a solution. Online taxi services are the perfect way to prevent traffic congestion. It helps reach our destination on time; they find the shortest route to reach the lowest price and comfortable ride. Here are some of the best online taxi services available in India.

Best online taxi service in India

1. Uber

Uber is an American company that is now operating in India. It is the largest taxi service providing company. The company is operational in almost every part of the country. Uber hires cabs from the owner and gives those taxis to their driver and provides money to the owner as monthly rent. One can book Uber from mobile through the Uber app. There are multiple filters in the Uber app where the customer has a choice to choose different taxis, autos, bikes, or share ride. One of the best things about Uber is their discount offers. Uber allows there customer to use online payment using a debit card, credit card, net banking, etc.

2. Ola

Ola is an Indian app founded by two young entrepreneurs Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhatia. Over one million car owners have collaborated with Ola Company. Ola is now on the list of the world largest cab company and is India’s biggest cab service provider. People can use the online Ola app from their mobile for booking cab. Ola app is most comfortable for booking cabs; customers can book a cab just in three simple steps. The company gives you the option to book a taxi like a book car, bike, and auto. Ola also offers you a discount in every booking with different payment options.

3. Savaari

The name Savaari itself tells that it is an Indian app. This cab service deals with 98 cities in India; Savaari is counted among India’s best cab service. Savaari does not have an option for sharing ride. It is a single ride taxi service. It also offers a different service for travelers if they want to go for holidays, they will get an unbelievable discount voucher from the company.

4. Rapido

Rapido was founded in 2015 by three college students, two from IIT and one from PESU. Rapido is a bike taxi service provider company. It is operating in 90+ cities across India. Rapido has more than 15,000 registered riders. It is one of the safest taxi services that give you a GPS location. Rapido offers the lowest price and gives you a price chart where customers can compare rides. It also gives you a discount by using Rapido coupons on every second ride. Customers can pay online and in cash too.

5. Bharat Taxi

Bharat taxi is one of the best and fastest growing online taxi services in India. The company provides taxi and driver in more than 100 cities in India; it offers taxi from luxury cars to the cheapest cab. Bharat taxi doesn’t have its online site. If people want to book a taxi from Bharat taxi, they can contact a local travel agency. Bharat taxi is most likely to be used by the traveler who wants to book a taxi for different cities or some trip company provide rental cabs and driver for that. For any query or booking cab, people can call to their call center.

6. Gozo Cabs

Gozo Cabs deals with more than 200 cities around India. It was found in November 2015. This taxi service provides cabs for intercity and for multicity with excellent service.

Gozo cabs’ unique part is that there is a reduction of transparent billing with a unique pricing structure. Gozo ensures that there and cabs have proper licenses for driving, and it works under customer requirements.

7. My Taxi India

My Taxi India deals within 300+ cities in India and with over 1 million cab owners. My Taxi India is a company that is ISO 9001:2008 certified. My Taxi India allows their customer to check availability of cabs, their arrival and departure timing, detail about their destination, fare, and discounted fare, the shortest route to the destination on their online portal. This company deals with intercity and multiple city travellers.