Redesigning Your Home With Australian Made Furniture

Made Furniture

Interior design is one of the booming industries in Australia. A lot of locals are now looking for a better space arrangement featuring Australian-made furniture. One of the major reasons for this is because Australian products exhibit higher quality than imported ones. There are a lot of good craftsmen in the industry providing personalised touch in their work. Aside from quality, many local furniture producers use materials good for the environment. Furthermore, people are clamouring for local products because it supports the overall land economy and keeps small businesses afloat. Here are some tips that might be helpful when you are about to go on a furniture-shopping trip:

Seating Furniture

Chairs and sofas are indispensable furniture in any home. Traditional seating furniture features antique and wooden materials with intricate designs. Meanwhile, contemporary style uses sharp lines and bold colours. They may also have metal or glass accents. On the other hand, country-style furniture offers a mix of earthy colours, wooden or floral highlights, and soft cushions. Have both comfort and style in mind when choosing your seating furniture. Remember that you will have them in your home for a long time, so get something that you will enjoy using and looking at.

Children’s Room Furniture

Even children need a workspace. Choosing the right one will help in their posture development while they are young. When shopping at your local store, one of the first things you should avoid are desks with sharp corners. You also need to check how your child fits on the furniture on display. Let him/her try it out, so you know if it will be good for his/her back. If it is difficult for him/her to find a comfortable position, you may ask a designer to customise a piece of Australian-made furniture.


Rugs are also considered as furniture, and they are a great addition in any home. When buying locally-made rugs, you should be mindful of the product size and where you are going to put it. Designers often suggest to people with big floor spaces to buy a rug that fits all furniture in the living room and leave space for the rest. This styling will make your space look more expansive than it is.

Meanwhile, if you are going to put the rug in a small room, it is best to cover the whole area instead of just a portion of it. If your budget cannot accommodate large rugs, you can still make it work by putting in your sofa’s front legs to anchor the space.

Colour should also be another factor when choosing a rug for your home. Ideally, you should get one that fits into your room’s colour scheme. As much as possible, avoid light and neutral tones if you dislike cleaning. If you want to be practical, get rugs with solid dark colours or camouflage patterns to hide the dirt and pet fur on your rug.

Made Furniture

Another consideration is the material. Wool is the favourite material of most Australians because it repels moisture and stains. You may also opt for cotton rugs since they can be conveniently washed anytime. If you foresee your rug being exposed to stains often, do not get sisal and jute materials since you will have a difficult time washing them.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to furniture choices. When you make your next furniture-shopping trip, do not forget to buy locally-made products as they are often better in terms of quality. You can even request for customised furniture to fit the needs of your residence.