Why Gift Cards Are Your Best Present These Coming Holidays

universal gift card

If you are looking for a gift to your employees and cannot decide between a ticket to their favourite destination or something they can use every day, then it might be best instead to consider purchasing for a universal gift card. There is a load of classy and fashionable designs you can choose from, it is practical, and you can personalize it too.

The good thing about a universal gift card is you can put your art into the design. If the recipient is a traveller, then you might as well customize a drawing of nature in the gift card. Apart from universal gift card personalization, you cannot get wrong in giving the lousy gift.

Gift Cards Are Better Than Cash

One of the most favoured ways to give someone something useful is by providing gift cards with merchandise and travel-related incentives. Gift cards given as an awarded item are more attractive than cash, according to a study conducted by the Incentive Federation. 3 out of 4 respondents agree that presenting gift cards boosts excitement and can be used in memorable programs.

You can conveniently slide gift cards in your wallet and practically use it when needed the most. You can grab one from card merchants, payment network hubs (Visa/MasterCard), retailer drug stores, or shopping malls. Otherwise, look for a trusted seller online and have it sent to you or the recipient.

This card can last at least five years from the purchase date or from the previous date someone loaded it with money. Federal law often provides precautions and protections for customers.

Some issuers replace lost or stolen gift cards. All you have to do is present the proof of purchase, personal information, and I.D number. You can always add extra money to the card and continue to pay for purchases. However, do not expect to get back any money in the card once someone steals it from you. But once this card is registered online, you can likely bring your money back.

Be sure you buy directly online from its source, especially if you are opting for a high-value card. Major restaurant chains like Starbucks use physical gift cards. Restaurants use these cards for faster transactions to customers paying for their food and drinks.

Where Can You Use Universal Gift Cards?

You can withdraw a universal gift card from any ATM with Visa or Mastercard. The recipient can buy whatever and whenever they want from any establishments who accept Mastercard. It is best suited for overseas as some accommodations from different countries also recognize the universal gift card as payment. You can also use it as a means to pay for booking flight tickets, and tours. You can use it in Grab or other means of transportation.

Mobile technology can also redeem gift cards. Some mobile apps allow customers to purchase using this card. You can top up a load in whatever game you are currently playing as they are as good as cash.

Universal gift cards are thoughtful and flexible. It is one of those gifts that can easily be accepted by anyone. Employees who receive this as a reward will surely feel their hard work being appreciated.