What Does The Private Investigator Do For You?

What Does The Private Investigator Do For You?

The private investigators are the detective that uses a wide range of investigating techniques to solve the sensitive problem of their clients. The investigators ensure to helps with the highest level of discretion and privacy, using a wide range of surveillance and investigation methods. They help their client in gathering information and evidence that assures t solve their cases.

The private detective helps in investigating several kinds of issues such as  –

  • Cheating partners
  • Corporate cases
  • Finding missing people
  • Insurance fraud
  • Rural surveillance
  • Undercover operations
  • Vehicle tracking

Personal security and privacy are rightly protected by several laws and regulations in the UK. The 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 and the older Regulation in Investigatory Powers Act 2000 are some of the laws and regulation that assures your safety and prevent the people infringing on your basic human rights. Hiring a private detective in the UK is legal, yet they have to follow the rules. The private investigator should have a legal license from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).  The qualification is evaluated for the applicant and should demonstrate the awareness of all the rules and ethical guideline to be abided by.

Identity of the applicant along with criminal record verification is done by the SIA. The private investigators can be connected with one or more trade organisation such as the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI), Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI).

Many investigation methods are legal in the UK. Some of the examples are

GPS Tracking 

It is a very dependable method and hence used by private investigators to solve various cases, such as cheating partners. GPS tracking can be used 24/7 by fitting a very small tracking device to a car or vehicle. The device helps in sending signals to a designated satellite.

GPS tracking is used only if you have consent from the individual using the car.

Public Monitoring 

Private investigators can only follow someone in a public place such as the train or park. They cannot follow anyone in anyone’s private place, such as a home or any private property.

Public monitoring can provide evidence of the location of a person, what they were doing and who they were with.

Public And Open-Source Records 

Public records give private investigators a range of information about a person. The public and open records can be accessed through the county courthouse, or through website or program that can collect, or give out, information about an individual.

The basic record helps in leading private investigators to gather additional information and start an investigation

What Does The Private Investigator Do For You?

Background And History Verification 

The private investigators can do thorough background and history checks on any individuals or businesses. The background verification or history check could be different from online searches, social media checks, criminal record verification and public records.

The private investigators cannot bug or hack the phone calls, hack computer or emails, trespass, and obtain bank or other financial information. These are against the rules and the private investigators must follow the rules.