Bangalore, An Educational Fulcrum


The city of Bangalore is home to many educational establishments and research organisations. The place is accomplished and facilitates the role of being an educational hub in the country. Apartments in Thalisandra main road are a great habilitating opportunity for people. Individuals who move to Bangalore in search of jobs or colleges are consistently on the lookout for well-made homes. They are minimal with a dash of luxury. Bangalore is a large metropolitan city that can incite difficulties. But coming back home to a tranquil space can cause abject gratification.

Before the 19th century, Bangalore was prominent for its religious leaders and harboured students of that religion. The western style of education arose later. The Bangalore High School commenced in 1858 by the Mysore government. By the second world war, there were Indian Military Colleges set up in Bangalore. Independent India witnessed schooling for young children. As on date, Bangalore offers a symbolic number of academic establishments; from school to colleges and major opportunities for the IT crowds.

Role in Education

Bangalore is one of India’s most outstanding cities for educational purposes. It excels in the IT department and is known as the IT capital of India. The city is sprawling with educational sectors. Experts often suggest that the two are intertwined: Education and Bangalore.

The metropolis’s education fame has prompted thousands of students from far and wide. The QS World University Rankings listed Bangalore as the 81st best city for its academic competency. It is not only well-known for its university rankings but also as a technology exporter. The city is home to many start-ups and highly revered research institutions such as the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) and the IIM-Bangalore.

Prominent Colleges

The most well-known colleges of Bangalore offer certified courses and excel at stellar academics. Being surrounded by multiple fields gives them an edge. These are:

1) National Law School in Bangalore is the first one to be established in the country. It extends a five year integrated undergraduate law degree. The college is highly reputed and holds a venerated place in the list of law colleges throughout the nation. They also maintain research and policy interventions.

2) University Law College & Department of Studies in Law is also in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is favoured for its legal education. They offer degree programs in law and have been a part of Bangalore University since1986. The classroom teaching promotes Organisation of Moot Court competition, literacy programmes, and preparing for jail visits and internships.

3) IIM Bangalore is a business school. It holds a respectable ranking by the QS standards. They have differential MBA programs and an amazing research team that offers consultations, hosts seminars and academic conferences.

4) Institute of Finance and International Management; Bangalore is among the top 6 business schools in India. They present a multitude of courses and focus on holistic development. The college thrives on enhanced learner success and grooming the students into professionals.

5) Srishti is a design college that opened new gates of opportunities for aspiring designers. They offer their courses on various levels. They specialise in Animation and Visual effects, Branding, Visual Communication and so on. It is one of the very few colleges in India that offers a plethora of conveniences for designers under the same roof.

6) Christ university is one of the most prevalent educational attractions of Bangalore. Their course offering is enormous and accomplished. From commerce to medical, design, law and technology, they harbour many disciplines. The most salient feature of the college is their penchant for brilliant academics and discipline.

It Hub

Companies that every IT graduate yearns to work for is situated here. Some of their names are:

1) Infosys: This company has substantial notability in the IT sector. It has ten offices in the city and many employee perks. They have many benefits like paid paternity leave, healthcare and insurance and job training.

2) Accenture: It is also a big-time IT company that is acknowledged for its consulting and hands-on strategies. They have numerous offices in Bangalore.

3) Wipro: They established it in 1945 as a vegetable and refined oil manufacturer. Their status later shifted to a big daddy IT company.


Hence, Bangalore is a rational choice of place for many aspiring youths. It nurtures the harmony of both education and works adequately. Along with possessing a perky city life, the food culture is also quite rich with many peculiar cuisines. The metropolis likewise fosters splendid weather throughout the year.