All About Seasons And What Causes Them

All About Seasons And What Causes Them

Winter is here and it has started to get cold. What can we think of when we imagine winters? Hot showers, hot chocolate, Christmas, Santa, new years and staying in bed all day wrapped in a cozy warm blanket.

Getting up early in the morning and even getting out of bed for going to work can seem like a very difficult task. One can also buy from a hundred options of soft and warm quilts online to make it even more comfortable in the warmth of the bed.

To make it even more appealing, we also have the comfort of warmers, heaters, and even ancient methods of keeping us warm like angithi that is a setup of burning hot coal. Winters can surely be one of the coziest times.

And on the other extreme, we have a summer season that is full of days with scorching heat and sun exposure. There is only one thing that comes to mind when we think about the summer season, drinking lots of fluids and juices to keep the body hydrated.

Summers and winters are examples of seasons. Not every region in the world has more than a few seasons to experience and India is one of the lucky ones to experience all the seasons during the span of one year.

What Are Seasons and What Causes Them

There are various terms that can be used to describe and study the atmospheric conditions around us. Weather is mainly used to describe the immediate atmospheric conditions like sunny, windy, rainy, stormy, etc.

The weather can also change in a matter of minutes depending upon the geography, surrounding weather, and also the current season. The climate is another term that is used to describe the atmospheric conditions. But unlike the weather, the climate has nothing to do with the immediate parameters that define the atmosphere of a place.

The climate is actually found by considering the weather pattern of a place for an average of about thirty years. For example, a desert has a dry hot climate because it mostly remains hot and dry throughout the year.

It is tricky to find out the climate of a place where the weather changes frequently but it can be done using some mathematical techniques. Another term that is commonly used to describe the atmospheric conditions is the season.

This is basically used to denote a major change in the weather pattern that occurs during a few days and lasts for at least three to four months. Since rainy conditions do not last for that long, it is terminologically wrong to call it a rainy season.

What Causes Seasons

But what is the cause of such drastic changes in the weather patterns that last for a few months or more? It is actually related to some basic astrophysical concepts.

After many years of studies and research and even various missions that have been sent to space, we have come to know about the heliocentric model of our solar system. The solar system is the family of the sun with the star at the center and other planets revolving around it in orbits.

Our planet earth is no different from the other seven planets apart from the fact about the existence of life. The earth also revolves around the sun. After careful observation through the past few years, scientists came to know about Kepler’s laws of planetary motion that proved that the planets revolve around the sun in elliptical orbits contradictory to the previous notion of circular orbits.

This makes sense, so for some time, the earth is very far from the sun while other times through the year, it is closer. Is this what causes the phenomena of seasons? The answer is no!

The actual reason behind the change in seasons is actually the relative differences in the weather that are caused by the tilt of the earth. The earth rotates on an axis tilted at about 23 degrees from the pole and this slight tilt is the reason that various continents experience different seasons.


Whatever be the reason, it is a blessing to experience different seasons. It allows us to experience the best of all and enjoy our time.

So stock up on fluids and juices and book a vacation to the mountains during the summer season and stock up on chocolate, cookies, and snacks to eat in bed during the winters. Buy cozy and soft quilts online to make a warm corner to sit and relax at home during the weekends when it’s cold outside.