Customised Wedding Invitation Card Printing Tips and Techniques

Customised Wedding Invitation Card Printing Tips and Techniques

Internet is over-crowded with tips and techniques on the customization of the wedding invitation cards –some DIY tips and other packing styles, have you thought of the printing styles and techniques to enhance the beauty of the card? Keep reading to find some unique custom wedding invitation card ideas  that reflect you as a couple’s true essence

Designs Should Reflect the Personalities of the Couple

There are thousands of invitation designs available on the internet. But if you want to create the unique customised design for your wedding, tall with each other on how and what styles that you would love to incorporate on the wedding card styling. Choose a theme that reflects the couple personality, or the destination wedding theme to be incorporated in the card. These unique invitation cards would be remembered for ages by your guests. If you are not a great artist, the printing house will help you with the design for you, with all your suggestions included.

Letterpress Printing for Invitation

Letterpress is the printing technique that uses the high-quality heavyweight paper where a design is pressed with an inked metal plate. It helps in creating a 3 D Print that is unique for the special day invitation!

The combination of digital technology and the vintage printing presses and technique is what the letterpress printing is all about. The light impressions or deep imprints can be used to create the unique wedding card just right for you. Ensure to have the right design, ink and font choices to make the card stand out and convey the messages directly to your loved ones.

Some Bling on the Card Goes a Long Way

Little flourish or embellishments to the letterpress invitation is another way to create unique personalized and memorable cards. Choose the foil of any colour that goes well with imprints, textured or patterned paper, custom printed liners or fabric that reflect your themes.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the yet another perfect way to add a little glitter and shine to your wedding invites. It comes in a variety of colours or finishes. The most common ones are silver, matte, and holographic.

Gloss Press

Customised Wedding Invitation Card Printing Tips and Techniques

Gloss-pressing is a new printing technique that involves de-bossing beautiful, subtle glosses on paper. Debossing is done with a metal die that is stamped on the front of the cardstock. This helps to create a notch rather than the raised imprint you get with embossing.


Engraving technique is an old, finest method. It is considered to be the most formal forms of printing that dates back to 1700s. Engraving is done using the copper plate that is etched with the design and text, coated with ink and pressed together with two tons of weight against the invitation.


Another cost affecting the printing technique is thermography. It involves mixing ink with a resinous powder that adheres to the paper. It should be then placed under heat for the resin to melt and fuse with the ink used.

Digital Printing

It is the most common and popular technique for designing your custom made card. This method relies on computer technology to print the design from the computer system to the paper.

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