Uses of Restaurant Management System

Uses of Restaurant Management System

As competition in the restaurant management industry is heating up, you just cannot manage your restaurant using a legacy Point of Sale (POS) system. It’s high time to think beyond a Restaurant POS software that offers only the utility of billing. That’s where a cloud based restaurant management software comes into the picture that integrates all important functions such as billing, inventory management, CRM, reporting, recipe management, central kitchen management and much more into a single platform.

5 Key Areas That Benefit from Restaurant Management System

Let’s look at the major areas that enormously benefit from a restaurant management system.

Billing – With India’s leading restaurant restaurant management softwares such as inresto POS, the billing and real time payment statuses are recorded on the same platform. Cancelled and non-chargeable bills are not a matter of concern anymore, as you will receive real time alerts. It also lets you reconcile payments from multiple providers and you don’t have to wait till the end of the month.

Stock and inventory – Running out of inventory is a thing of the past as restaurant management systems offer you the feature of real-time inventory tracking. Based on the orders, the inventory status is updated automatically and you can monitor the stock status live even when you are on the go. Managing multiple restaurants is pretty easy as you will receive alerts on minimum threshold quantities of inventory specific to various outlets. It also keeps a check on cost control by minimising pilferage and wastage.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Digital platforms such as inresto helps you identify your target audience and launch marketing campaigns. It can be via SMS, e-mail or push notifications and also provides insights on the effectiveness of each campaign. Rewards and loyalty programs can also be customised based on your goals.

Reports Management – Manual preparation of reports leads to lot of mistakes and the chances of misappropriation are higher. With restaurant management systems, the process of report generation is completely automated. Real time report generation offers you the ease of accessing reports pertaining to sales, inventory and billing anytime from any location.

Employee management – While managing multiple restaurants, it may not be possible for you to visit each and every outlet. In such cases, the restaurant management software lets you assign roles and set privileges for the respective managers who are in charge of the particular outlets.

Parting Words

Having a restaurant management system is the need of the hour because of the spike in adoption of digital platforms. Hence, in order to gain a clear advantage from the rest of the competitors, zero in on one of the best restaurant management softwares.