China – Quality of Education, Ranking, Fee structure and comparison to Indian Pvt Med fee

China - Quality of Education, Ranking, Fee structure and comparison to Indian Pvt Med fee

Education system in China is a State-run Public Education system under the aegis of the Ministry of Education. The Chinese government supports almost 1600 colleges and universities having around 800k professors and 11 million students.

In a country that has State-run education system, its investment in R&D gives a hint of the quality of education that’s maintained there. In China, R&D investment has grown by 20% per year since 1999 exceeding $100 billion in 2011 (Wikipedia).

Zeroing in on Medical education, we find that the MCI approved Medical universities in China are categorized into A+/A/B+/B/C+/C by WHO. This classification is based on, though measured indirectly, the quality of education imparted. The higher the grade of the university, tougher are the eligibility criteria and higher the fees.

So, the Chinese Med Universities are known for imparting the best quality of Medical Education at par with the best Med Universities in the world. The Chinese Universities are approved by bodies like MCI, WHO, ECFMG etc. MBBS in China from these universities ensures a lucrative and fulfilling career in medicine to every student from any corner of the world.

The Chinese Medical Universities’ classification also indicates their ranking. So, while A+ grade universities like Nanjing Univ., HUST, Zhejiang Med. Univ., Shandong Med. Univ., etc. come out as the best universities to study medicine, there are ones like Jiangsu Univ., Jilin Univ., etc. that are A grade but are great universities almost comparable to the A+.

Giving an exact, detailed tuition fee of the numerous Medical Universities in China is beyond the scope of this article. However, it can be safely stated that the per annum tuition fee in the best Chinese Medical universities range from 3 to 6 lakhs. Now, this fact, in itself, should be reason enough for the Indian students to sit up and pay attention!

In India, getting a seat in the Government Medical College would mean getting selected in the top 5% of the students appearing in NEET. If one doesn’t score that high, her dream of becoming a doctor depends on whether she can afford to pay 70 lakhs as tuition fee in the Private Medical Universities in India.

Compare it to the world class education in the Chinese Medical Universities and you clearly see the difference. In approximately 1/3rd cost, one studies at an established Medical University that is approved in every way with excellent quality of education imparted purely in English.

MBBS in China

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We assist our students during their admission process in every way. While they pursue their MBBS, we stay with them to train them for the NExT Screening. If they wish to do PG, we coach them for USMLE after which they go to the US of A to do their PG. The opportunities are endless.

All you need to do is consider the possibilities.