Digital Ticketing: How Does It Make Our Lives Easier

Digital Ticketing: How Does It Make Our Lives Easier


In today’s world, technological innovations have digitized various aspects of life that, two decades ago, were manual. Whereas paper-based tickets are still widely used throughout the world, the system of digital ticketing is making its way as a convenient alternative.

By definition, digital tickets are the online equivalent of paper tickets. Instead of carrying tickets with them during their commute, passengers can now receive a digital fare ticket in the form of e.g. a QR code that they can scan and receive their tickets. Digital ticketing provides a number of benefits to the passengers as well as transport operators.

Time Efficiency

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a digital ticketing system is its time-efficient nature. Instead of standing in long, never-ending queues, passengers can receive digital tickets for their mode of transport and get on with their journey. The whole process is swift and easy.


Usually, passengers carry a lot of things with them when they are commuting- bags, mobile phones, water bottles, etc. It is easy to lose paper-tickets. To avoid this hassle, switching to digital ticketing is a far safer option. There is no risk of losing them as they will stay on your mobile phones. Apart from that, it is easier for transport operators to keep track of all fares passengers have paid in a day as the ticketing system is digitalized.


Other than being convenient and a safer option, digital tickets are also cost-effective in nature. There are various operational costs associated with paper-based ticketing; for example the maintenance costs of machines that run the risk of malfunctioning as well as the labor costs that come with hiring employees to man ticket booths. Digital tickets are relatively cheaper as they do not require maintenance or personnel. The cost saved could be invested in something more productive such as increasing customer satisfaction.

In Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Digital Ticketing: How Does It Make Our Lives Easier

The reluctance to stand in long queues in close proximity with other people during an on-going Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for contactless systems and that includes transport tickets. Digital ticketing is quite convenient at this time as it does not require queuing up or coming in contact with a machine- most of the time, all that passengers have to do is scan a QR code and they will have their digital tickets on their mobile phones.


Even though paper tickets are still prevalent, digital ticketing is increasingly being recognized as being more than an alternative. The ample benefits it provides are considerable for both the passengers as well as the public transport operators. It is a convenient and swift process of obtaining tickets.