Checklist for moving into a new home: First Night in Your New House after the Move

Checklist for moving into a new home

When we talk about moving, we think of packing and transporting the stuff but that is not all. Moving to a new house is a big change and packing and transporting your belongings to your new house is just one phase of the process. The second phase of your move starts when you reach at your new house. The first 24 hours in your nirst night at the new homeew house are the most difficult as all your belongings are packed in boxes and it becomes even more difficult if you have kids and pets around. Hence it is very important to use a checklist for moving into a new home to ensure that the moving process is smooth and successful.

Here we present a few very important tips that will help you to stay organized on the first day of your move:

Pack a Bag for Yourself

While packing for your move, it is highly recommended to keep an essentials bag for yourself for your first night at your new house. This essentials bag will keep you calm and at peace as you will feel at home when all your required items will be accessible. In case of an interstate move, you need to pack an even bigger bag as it may take some days for your belongings to reach. Make sure you keep all your essential items in your bag that may include toiletries, pajamas, medications, toothbrush and toothpaste, first aid kit, extra undergarments, wallet, phone charger, and other important electronics.

Pack an Essentials Box for Home 

Along with a personal essentials bag, it is a good idea to pack an essentials bag for the homely needs. You can label this bag as ‘First Few Days Home Essentials’ and keep it in the moving truck in case of a local move. But if you are moving interstate then keep this bag with you so that you have it when you reach your new house. It is very important to keep some home essentials handy to keep your sanity at your new place till you fully unpack your stuff. The home essentials bag may contain things including sheets and pillows, snacks (sandwiches and/or canned food), bottled water, toilet paper, bath towels, hand towels, paper towels, extra batteries, paper plates, cups and other utensils, flashlight, laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies.

Pack a Bag for Kids and Pets Each

Moving with kids and/or pets is even more challenging and becomes all the more hectic. It is important to have things handy when dealing with kids and pets and they don’t understand the situation and need what they want. And also, it is wise to keep their needs in mind while packing their things.

Make sure you pack a proper essentials bag for your children that should include clothing, diapers (in case of young ones), foods like snacks, formula, and juices, pacifiers, sipper/bottle, toys, medications, first-aid kit, and anything that can keep them contained like a bouncy seat.

For pets’ essential bags, it is advised to include food and water dishes, enough food for the first few days, leash, poop bags or litter scooper, carrier, blanket, and bones or toys to chew on.

Along with all of the above items, you also need to plan your unpacking schedule. Don’t just open everything and start removing the things from the boxes. Opening everything altogether may make you confused and stressed. Moving is a daunting and tiring process and leaves you with no energy so it is very much advisable to have a calm and easy start and take a rest on your first night at your new place. But if you still want to start the unpacking task, then it is better to start with the bedrooms. Setting up your beds and laying clean sheets on them will ensure a good sound sleep for you and your kids. After the bedrooms, you can turn towards the kitchen and start unpacking utensils like coffee mugs, cups, glasses, forks, knives, and plates that you may need in the first days of your move.

Spend Your First Night at Your New Home in a Splendid Way!

Don’t overexert yourself and stay calm on the first day of your move. If you have already unpacked your essentials or other belongings, it is time to relax. Don’t overdo it, let the things take time to settle. You have plenty of time to set-up the house and make it look the way you like. You need to gather enough energy to put in the required effort to decorate your new home. Moving is a big thing and you have just achieved this goal so take some time to celebrate and enjoy yourself at your new home.

Have a bubbly bath and order some food from outside. As you might not be having a cable connection on the very first day, it is wise to play games with the family to keep kids engaged and involved. Make your first night at the new home a memorable one. You can opt to read your favourite book. You can even explore the area around and meet your new neighbours.

Have a happy move and a fantastic first night at your new home!!