7 Tips for Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo Plants

7 Tips for Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo Plants

Before a new year starts, many introduce new elements in their home that may attract prosperity and good fortune. They could either be new furniture pieces, decorations, or lucky charms. One staple element for a more affluent home is the Lucky Bamboo plant. 

Known for its beauty and as a channel of positive energy, Lucky Bamboo is also famous for decoration purposes and adding nature into your home. Consider these seven maintenance tips for boosting your bamboo plants’ health.

Choose a Vibrant Green Bamboo

You may think that all the bamboo plants sold in your local gardening store are healthy and in tip-top shape. While that may be true, it helps to check for bamboo plants that are vibrant green instead of a lighter or muted green. Yellow tips, roots, and stalks may be signs of disease and may spread to your other indoor plants. Choose a livelier bamboo as it means they look fresher and are likely healthier and more robust.

Give Them Ample Sunlight

Like most indoor plants, your Lucky Bamboo will need ample sunlight to grow healthily and happily. It is best to keep them in a spot in your home that is bright but shaded from direct sunlight, such as your window sill. Modern developments such as Marco Polo Residences may place a few potted Lucky Bamboo plants in their pool and garden areas to create a zen-like ambiance for residents.

Keep them away from direct sunlight as the heat and bright light may damage your bamboo and cause them to dry up. Sure, your bamboo plant may be a sign of prosperity, but they wouldn’t distribute the positive energy around if they are wilted and unhealthy.

Choose the Right Container

Selecting the right container for your bamboo plant is crucial for their growth and maintenance. For example, clear glass containers are ideal for using water with pebbles or gels to hold your bamboo. Their transparency gives an aesthetic aquatic-like appearance to your home. On the other hand, Ceramic or clay containers are suitable for soil, pebbles, and water. Most ceramic containers have drain holes perfect for removing excess water. Plus, they also give a traditional zen and balanced look perfect for modern developments. The bottom line in choosing the right container for your Lucky Bamboo is to focus on aesthetics, practicality, and your plants’ overall wellness. 

Water Sparingly

Because your Lucky Bamboo will be submerged in water most of the time, water them sparingly to keep them from drowning and becoming soggy. Water only when your bamboo’s water level gets lower. If your bamboo is planted in soil, use a spray bottle to keep the ground moist when it gets too dry. You should water your Lucky Bamboo every week for best results.

Filter Their Water

Clean water is vital for your Lucky Bamboo’s health and beauty. Place your bamboo plants in a container with filtered or distilled water to keep their roots moist and healthy. Adding a few pebbles may help sift out sediments, mold, and algae from your bamboo plant. Change the water when it gets too murky or filled with slimy residue from rotting roots and potential algae growth.

Add a Layer of Mulch

Yes, your Lucky Bamboo will thank you for putting a layer of mulch in their container. Coconut husk is a suitable mulching material as it may help lock in the water and nutrients to keep your bamboo plant fresh and lively. Placing mulch may also boost your bamboo’s growth and immune system.

Prune and Propagate

Lucky Bamboo may be shorter versions of their taller counterparts. Still, pruning and propagating them may improve their growth and vitality. Remove yellowing leaves and rotting roots and stalks. Doing so helps prevent the spread of rotting and potential diseases to the entire plant. Cut taller stalks and replant them in a separate container. By pruning and propagating your Lucky Bamboo, you’ll have healthy, beautiful, and abundant greeneries that will attract positive energy and prosperity into your home.

Starting with healthy bamboo plants and maintaining them with these seven helpful tips will encourage their beautiful and lively growth. Likewise, you will have a harmonious flow of positive energy, luck, and prosperity for 2021 and the coming years.