STD Testing: Symptoms, Options, and Treatment

STD Testing at Your Fingertips

STD testing is not usually part of the normal gynecologist visit or checkup. However, many people who are sexually active do receive STD tests from time to time. Since sexually transmitted diseases are so commonly contracted, it’s important to know if you have one. Be as honest as possible with your health care provider about your sexual activity, so that they can assist you in deciding which tests would best suit you.

In most STD tests, symptoms are usually assessed in a couple of days. This means you could be tested right away, or you may have to wait at least a week. If you’re sexually active, it’s always best to get yourself tested. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to be. Some shy away because of shame, while others don’t want to admit that they are either STD-positive or have an STD. That’s why STD testing is so important, even if people don’t like to think that they have it.

STD tests can be done at a variety of medical facilities. Your primary care doctor should be able to tell you where you can go to be STD tested, canada home testing even offer STD testing at their offices. There are also private STD testing centers that you can receive STD tests at anytime, which can be very convenient for people who don’t have a lot of time to commute to their local doctor.

There are several STD blood tests that can be done to diagnose various STDs. A common STD blood test will detect antibodies against the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, in your system. This type of test is relatively simple to do, and only requires the first morning swab of your cheeks, usually for around $20. Unfortunately, many stds do not produce any antibodies, or only show one or two infections, meaning that it can be hard to tell at first if you have an STD or not.

After you’ve received an STD test and had it confirmed, your next step will be to see a medical professional who can give you treatment options. These include medications that can help control the symptoms of your condition, as well as information about how to prevent passing this disease on to others. Many stds are treatable, even life-threatening, but no one wants to take that chance. With the help of a medical professional and the proper treatment options, most STDs can be treated and won’t lead to serious health complications.

In the end, you can have an accurate STD test by taking an exam at an STD clinic. You can even take the exam online and receive results almost immediately. The process of obtaining an exam and results, however, can be a little complicated, especially if you’re dealing with a new partner. It’s always best to get this kind of exam before you engage in sexual activity with someone new. While previous outbreaks of herpes and gonorrhea can be treated successfully, there’s no guarantee that future cases will be clear or that your current partner will not pass on the disease.