Planning for a Wedding in 2021? Safety Measures to Follow

Planning for a Wedding in 2021? Safety Measures to Follow

Weddings are always elaborate in India. Indians love celebrations, and it shows up in the number of ceremonies our marriages feature! However, the pandemic has altered the status quo. Indian weddings have undergone a drastic makeover. Staying safe has become a priority.

Recent survey results revealed that most couples wish to proceed with their wedding ceremony as per the original plan rather than waiting for the big fat celebrations. If you are also planning for a wedding soon, here are some safety precautions to follow to ensure everybody remains safe.

Ask Your Guests to Wear Masks

There is no reason to feel shy or embarrassed about asking your guests to wear a mask and sanitise their hands regularly at your wedding. Install handwashing/sanitising stations at the entry.

You can also distribute tiny care packages to your guests, including personal sanitiser and masks. Although this might look like an expensive affair, it is a necessary precaution to keep safe. You can avail of a marriage loan that comes with flexible repayment tenure and a lucrative interest rate to meet your funding needs.

It’s Best to Ditch the Buffet

A wedding buffet is not the best idea to implement right now. Instead of having the guests roam around several open food-counters and serving the food, go for plated services. By doing so, you can significantly minimise contact of infection, which is common in the self-service buffet option. 

Socially Distanced Seats

The regular seating patterns, which encourage proximity, and bonding in Indian weddings will not be ideal! Given the current scenario, it is best to have a completely spread-out floor plan and ensure social distancing norms to have a safe wedding. This might require hosts to rent out larger spaces often heavy on the budget. However, you have no reason to worry, as a personal loan for wedding is easily accessible for such funding needs.

Opt for Outdoor Ceremonies

This is the best time to plan a lovely wedding ceremony with perfectly complementing decor under the blue sky. Throw your parties and functions outside instead of the closed, confined spaces. This way, you can ensure minimal contact and eliminate the risk of infection.

Have The Experience of A Big Fat Indian Wedding Virtually!

If you are bummed that you could not celebrate your special day with all your family and friends, we have a solution for you! You can live stream your wedding ceremony to your friends and family.

You can experience every moment of your auspicious day with all of them together. After all, it is about the togetherness and not just the physicality of it!

In any case, if you are worried about the expenses piling up, why not avail of external funding options? Personal loan interest rates have dropped significantly. You can now avail of a loan at a lucrative interest rate and meet your expenses without depleting your savings corpus.

Bottom Line

Yes, we understand how marriages can call for a lot of expenses. However, you can ease the burden by applying for a loan and avail of monetary support. You can check the marriage loan interest rates offered by various lenders and choose your best pick!