Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Taking Pain Medications?

Pain Medications

Are you clumsy, negligent? Then why should you make certain common mistakes before taking pain medication? Question is very simple to answer but when the time comes to implement it, everything flies out of the window. Check out a few errors that you can think you can avoid before taking pain medication.

Check Before Paying

Sometimes the wrong drug in the wrong form with the wrong dose can harm you. So always read the medicine prescribed and the medicine you are buying. Yes! You can blame the doctors for their handwriting if mistaken while buying.

Get at the Best Prices

Pharmacists should not be allowed to volunteer to push you to buy any other medicine other than the mentioned one. It would be good if you ask for generic brands to save your money.

Follow Doctor’s Guidelines

Be it a pain medication or any other it is always suggested to follow doctor’s guidelines. It is better to keep a file of your medical history so that it will help the doctor as well to keep track of the medicines you have taken or taking for the same disease or even for others. Taking more than one pain killer won’t help you to relieve pain quickly. It will have other side-effects.  Sometimes taking more than or less than what is prescribed can damage your kidney, or even cause internal bleeding.

Do Not Cut or Crush your Pills

Unless it is not prescribed or said OK by your doctor do not crush or cut your pill. Sometimes pills are bound together and some are coated so that they should release slowly. So, if you try to cut them or crush them it won’t protect your stomach and may lead to side-effects.

Alcohol Consumption While on Pain Meds

A big NO-NO. Same as do not drink and drive. It’s that serious. There are several researches that have also proved that sleeping pills, cold remedies, and pain medications should not be taken while alcohol consumption. These medications will make you feel drowsy and if alcohol interacts with the medications it may turn out to be fatal.

Do Not Change your Pharmacists

It’s the same as a doctor. Let your pharmacists also know your medical history it will be beneficial for you. In case you are traveling and required more medications than your pharmacists can keep a record of such medication.

Diabetic Pain Medication

First and most important mistake you will ever when go for any treatment or diabetes treatment hiding facts from doctor and then it comes –Oh I have been taking medications now for so long why to go the doctor. Do not pick choose doctors advice. Another mistake is you or the diabetic patient avoid recording blood sugar level reading at regular intervals. This carelessness will cost you.

Online Pain Medication

It is getting medicines now-a-days. Especially online platform has opened the new doors to let anyone buy any medication if they have prescription. Commonly people get misguided by rogue online pharmacies. They should take special precautions while going through the website. Users can check it the website is valid and legal, if they have proper certifications, and also should go through websites terms and policies.

One-Hour Pain Relief Medication

People sometimes become their own doctor. My grandpa used to be one too. They go to pharmacies and buy pain medications they want to. Gulp it and the show continue for them. But then doing this they forget they are further putting their life at risk. This manifest may lead to stroke, or any other side-effects.