5 Reasons Rado Watch Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch

5 Reasons Rado Watch Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch

If you are an avid watch collector, you are already familiar with the many brands available in the market today. Since luxury watches became popular, the list of new watch manufacturers piled up. It means that it’s a bit harder now to decide which of the models and designs you should go for. However, despite the new names emerging, some of the oldest brands still stay afloat. One of which is Rado.

Rado watches are popular because of their simplicity and elegance. Aside from that, the watch company produces some of the best minimalist watches that look hip and trendy regardless of which attire you are wearing. Founded in 1719, this Swiss luxury watch became popular in 1963 when they launched scratch-proof watches. Today, they have a variety of collections for all genders. Here are some reasons Rado is still the ultimate trendy watch choice.

  • Valuable and durable

One of the best things about Rado watches is their durability. They are made with some of the most precious metals and materials that make them susceptible to any damage. It’s one reason these timepieces are a big hit, even in sporting and outdoor activities. Another best thing about it is that the Rado watch price range is a bit easy on the pocket than another luxury watch. It’s a valuable piece that is worth every penny.

  • Innovative designs

Rado has been recognized by various award shows because of its innovative designs. However, you don’t need any accolade to see that their collection of watches is something to admire. Despite maintaining their classic looks, their timepieces are very advanced in terms of their design. The combination of the right metals and the use of lines or dots for the dial are the few things that make these watches one of a kind.

  • Vintage and classic aesthetic

Aside from keeping a minimalist look, Rado watches have a vintage appeal. It’s a fusion of the best in modern technology paired with the vintage feel of traditional watches. It’s a more elegant way to carry the old-school yet simple aesthetic. If you are looking for the perfect piece to wear at work every day or something to accentuate your outfit for a black-tie event, this one for you.

  • Modern watchmaking techniques

To stay in the business, older companies need to keep up with the latest technology. It’s one reason Rado makes sure that they will maximize modern watchmaking techniques to improve the performance of their timepieces. Because of these techniques, they can produce one of the most reliable timepieces in the world.

  • Reliable and high precision

At the end of the day, a watch is used to determine the time and date. Rado produces one of the most reliable and most accurate precision. They use Quartz movements on all their watches to make sure that you will not miss a second of your life. They also have chronometers in some models which measure with the same accuracy as the main dial.

Which is the best Rado watch?

For a seasoned watch company, it’s pretty much hard to single out which Rado watch model is the best. However, among the most popular collections are Captain Cook, Golden Horse, Hyperchrome, Centrix, and True. Each of these collections is built with different features, designs, and mechanisms. To choose the right watch, you must identify its purpose. Once you already know how and when you will use it, it’s easier for you to make the right choice.

R32105313 Rado Captain Cook

Every Rado watch stands for a different purpose. Each piece is built with different materials which are specifically picked for a certain event. For instance, their collection of sports watches is made with materials that can withstand heat and water exposure. Their more formal collection, on the other hand, is made with precious metals and stones.

Choosing the perfect Rado watch

Buying a luxury watch needs ample time for research. It’s best if you will have access to more models and designs so you will know which of the models are best for you. If you have limited access, there’s a high chance you will miss out on the best piece. You can start by researching all about the Rado collection. From there, you can pick your choice and be more familiar with its features and functions.

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