Finding The Cheapest Auto Insurance for 17-Year-Old

Finding The Cheapest Auto Insurance for 17-Year-Old

Teenagers are inexperienced in driving and naturally cause a high rate of accidents. To keep all this in mind, auto insurance companies charge much higher rates for teen drivers. The average annual auto insurance quotes for 17-year-oldsare much higher and the rates are changed based on gender and state.

Cheapest car Insurance for 17 Years’ Old

Newly driver’s license rates are quite expensive as teenagers cause frequent accidents and violate traffic rules. The auto insurance companies introduce the cheapest car insurance for 17 year old male with specific coverage limits that include injury liability for a person, insurance for property damage, and injury for all in one accident.

The rate varies according to the state they live in or the type of car you drive. It also depends on the gender and also adding a teen to a parent’s policy.

It is highly recommended to add a teen’s policy to the parent’s policy, as the cost of the policy is much cheaper than buying a separate coverage under the teen’s name. A parent who has the policy with full coverage gets the best add-on for auto insurance quotes for 17 years old.

Auto Insurance Quote for a 17-Year-Old Female

Like the male, auto insurance for a 17 year old female is also higher in rates. But the teenage female drivers pay less than 1000$ than male their age.

The average auto insurance quote for 17-year-old females will be cheaper when their auto insurance is added to their parent policy. The policy also covers collision coverage, liability, and injury for all in one accident.

As per the state, and the gender the insurance rate varies according to their policy terms. Here the teens are listed as secondary drivers in their parent’s policy.

Car Insurance cost for a 17-Year-Old Male

When it comes to car insurance for teen drivers, most parents prefer adding their son or daughter to their policy. The main reason is it likely to be quite cheaper.

Males whose age is 17 must pay 1000$ extra than the female of the same age. But when comparing with the rates of individual policy, the policy that is being added to the parents is much cheaper than the individual.

Thus adding a 17-year-old male to a parent policy covers the full property coverage and injury cost to the driver. Remember, based on various zip codes and states, the policy rate varies for males and females.

Why Teen car Insurance Rates Are Higher?

Car insurance companies consider a person’s driving experience, age, claims history, and location regarding an insurance claim. A driver with a limited driving record or a teenager can claim only minimal value when their property is damaged.

The car insurance company points out that teen insurance is not eligible for the rate reduction. Only the parent is qualified for multi-policy, loyalty discounts, and multi-vehicle insurance. When the parents add their teens to their policy, it means that there is a significant hike in their rates.

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