7 Ways to Be the Most Popular Employee in The Office

7 Ways to Be the Most Popular Employee in The Office

Yes, offices can be hectic. Those working hours might be having everyone dancing on their toes as they move on from one work-related plan to another. But the office environment does not include work only; it creates a friendship bond between the workers, which tends to last a long time.

Also, not all employees are the same; some are introverts, minding their own business while some are too busy even to greet others; some manage to find funny moments throughout the day while some wait for lunchtime to laugh and talk, but there is always one person who is everybody’s friends and makes everyone laughs with him/her. Are you that one? If not, here are a few ways to help you become popular in the office so that everyone takes your name with a smile!

Listen to Your Co-Workers

The first step to becoming popular is to know your colleagues. Listen to their issues, achievements, ask questions about their work and show genuine interest. Take them in confidence that the conversation is confidential, and you will not speak about it to others, and you should stand by your words. You can also ask about their weekend, look at their vacation pictures and let them know that you want to be their friend.

Celebrate with Them

Celebrate with them their birthdays, work anniversaries or any other special occasions. Pick a personalised or designer cake to make the event more enjoyable. You can deliver cake online in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi or any other city of the country through a leading online bakery such as Bakingo. Sharing the happiness just multiplies it!

Don’t Be Too Busy for Them

Everyone has a day or two where they can’t look up from their monitor and even have to skip lunch, and that’s alright, but don’t make it a habit. Don’t say how busy you are to your colleagues. Everyone is busy and trying to get their job done. In case you are feeling overwhelmed with your work, ask your boss for help but don’t show everyone that you have loads of work. It’s like ignoring their load of work that they have to finish before the end of the day.

Do Not Gossip

Read the heading but in a stern voice and repeat it. Gossip is devil’s talk that will lead you nowhere. You will lose your co-workers’ trust, and it will become impossible to gain it again. Also, refrain from any kind of negative talks. If you know, something will be announced which may not be a crowd-pleaser, keep it to yourself and don’t talk about the topic even after everyone knows. It will make you that positive person to whom everyone goes to get cheered up.

Be Approachable

There is a team gathering, and you are having an awful day from a personal perspective. What should you do? You should smile and go with your team for that lunch. The bad day will pass, but once you form a negative image, it will be hard for you to shake that off; also, people will start enjoying your company. It will serve you good in the long run.

Don’t Run at The End of the Day

No, you are not being asked to work overtime to please your co-workers, but if there is something that could be completed in the next 15 minutes, stay back and finish it. Don’t be that person who is ready to dash as soon as the clock struck 6 in the evening or whenever your shift gets over. Be relaxed, take a few minutes, look at the mails, align your next day’s work and then, leave bidding everyone goodbye.

 Always There to Help

Last but not least, this will make you everyone’s favourite in no time. Whenever possible, help someone out. It might break your rhythm for five minutes, but the person asking for help will notice this favour and consider you a good colleague and person. Who doesn’t like someone who helps them? Offer your support with authenticity and stay calm even if the other person is taking his sweet time to catch up with you.

Does the most popular employee in your office have these attributes in their personality?