Father’s Rights on Child Custody in New Zealand

Father’s Rights on Child Custody in New Zealand

If you have separated from your partner, have a child/children and want to know about the rights you have as a father over him/them, this article is for you. Read through to get an insight and consult a lawyer at the earliest for professional support.

Explore the options for child’s custody

The first thing you should understand is that there are a number of options available to draft a custody plan. Obviously, the primary concern would be the child’s comfort for any parent; so, it is up to you and your ex-wife to decide and come to an agreement. For instance, you can have your child with you every weekend or the second weekend of every month. Look for a reliable legal aid that can help you chalk out an efficient custody arrangement.

Can You Take Care?

Do you have a hectic schedule? If so, it is better to let your ex-partner have the child during the weekdays. In addition, you also need to analyze your stability, your location from the child’s school and the facilities you can provide such as furniture, books, bedroom and toys. Moreover, you should communicate with your ex-partner effectively in order to make your child’s upbringing consistent. A professional lawyer can assist you in making an informed decision regarding the same.

Consider Your Child’s Age

How old is your child? If he/she is too young and require full time attention, it is better to leave him/her with his mother but if your child is over 8 years of age, you can seek custody since the child can cope with and adjust to the changes in his routine easily. Take note; your child’s interests should top the list of your priorities. If you want to know more relating to it, get in touch with a New Zealand lawyer right away.

Are You a Guardian or Want to Become One?

You, as a father are a guardian if you are married to or in a de facto relationship with the child’s mother but if the case is otherwise and you want to become a guardian since you feel the mother is unfit to carry out her responsibilities, you can apply for it at the Family Court by providing strong proof relating to the same. An expert legal aid lawyer can help you with the process