5 Key Elements of Business Event Marketing

5 Key Elements of Business Event Marketing

Marketing and events of any kind are directly related. They maintain a bilateral relationship, that is, they are essential to each other. This is because events are necessary for a marketing strategy to be successful.

It is believed that they are the most effective strategy because the experiences lived have the greatest impact, are easier to remember and, therefore, to share with more people. In the same way, events will require marketing to promote them and ensure their success and in this case eventige marketing agency helpful for you.

The Event Quorum as the Starting Point

Like any marketing strategy, before starting the planning of the event you must establish precisely who you are targeting and why. This will serve as a guide to know what you want to achieve before, during and after the event and, above all, how to achieve it.

Perhaps the goal is to attract new leads or strengthen relationships with existing customers through a valuable connection. Knowing your participating public will help you choose a concept, the venue or venue and the type of event to organize.

Therefore, considering attendees to meet your goals will allow you to create something that will make them fall in love and that attracts those who need to be convinced.In general, it is advisable to look at events from two perspectives: as a host and as an audience.

By being the host you have the opportunity to promote the identity of your company with products or through services. Achieving this coherence is a difficult task, which can pay off if it is well executed.

On the other hand, looking at the event from the eyes of the public can help you create experiences that allow them to live the values ​​and philosophy of the company or experience the benefits of a new product.

In this video of Formula 1 in conjunction with the music of composer Bryan Tyler, you will be able to notice this coherence and connection between what the event represents and promises in their careers around the world. The video conveys the euphoria that is experienced.

The Importance of Promoting the Event

You may be thinking that to start promoting an event you should have everything ready. Although this is not entirely true, it is recommended to have a very good prior organization.

Promoting an event correctly will help you achieve higher sales and therefore better participation. Remember that an event without people is a failure. Here are several steps to consider:

Calendar:Having a calendar that establishes periods of time for different tasks with established deadlines will help you to have a guide to know how long in advance you should carry out advertising campaigns, how often to disseminate new content, through which means to contact your participants and perhaps scheduling influencers or public figures who usually meet months in advance to attract more people and create better expectations.

Monetize: You must consider the return on investment of the marketing strategy that will be used for this event from the previously established objectives. Success can be measured through metrics such as: visibility by the number of attendees, sale of a minimum amount of tickets, growth of a community, lead generation or even conversions through a page.

Digitization:The participants have become much more demanding, so you must be within reach of their expectations. You should anticipate that they can participate even when they are not physically there.

When planning the marketing strategy for the advertising of your event, you should consider those who are far away making use of technology with virtual invitations, using QR codes, sending emails, perhaps creating an exclusive app for the event or use of a page with its own domain. This will help you create more engagement.

Social networks:Networks are a very useful tool to be in constant communication with your entire audience. Before the event, you must have a good response capacity, especially for those people you want to attract and those who are not yet convinced.

You can use a hashtag, reply buttons, and chat bots, among others. If your business has the budget, you might even consider a Community Manager.

Hybrid events:That’s right. This event format is here to stay and the advantage is that they can be an extension of the experience. Expand your reach for those who want to know more but are not available to travel. Within this format you can take advantage to generate digital experiences.

Video Marketing or Promotional Video for an Event

It is true that a good quality promotional video can cut your budget a bit. However, it is an advertising investment to consider.

The videos, being much more attractive and transmitting information in a faster way than any other channel, help to engage attendees before the event begins. This helps increase visibility, reach greater reach, and even helps generate captivating emotional bonds.

The video not only leaves you skinny and invites you to want to take suitcases to travel to Japan, but also shows the case of a television station that announces long in advance that it will broadcast the olympic games.

Here are some ideas to make a promotional video for a business event:

  • Generate content with exhibitors from previous experiences that were in other venues. This will help to generate expectations and convey information about the concept of the event.
  • Make streaming videos. They are an opportunity to extend the event even when it has already passed. It also allows you to create more content without having to go back and invest in it.
  • Use videos to send a specific message such as the date of the event or a simple message that attracts attention and contributes to the narrative
  • Record the before, during and after the event, depending on the objective
  • Use music, photos, illustrations and text to capture all the information you want to convey

Remember that people, including your clients, are exposed to advertising all the time, so you should use different and original formats to capture their attention.

Selling Tickets to an Event and How to Raise Money for an Event

Proper planning and sufficient time in advance will help you sell tickets to the event in a much more organized, conscious and efficient way.

How to sell tickets for an event? It should be done gradually, through different means and thinking about the activation of different promotions and discounts over time and as the event approaches.

Selling tickets in the most efficient way possibly directly impacts monetization and ROI. The optimization of the sale will define that the tickets become a profit, profit, surplus or a total loss.