Bringing A Contemporary Twist to an Everlasting Trend: Denim and Jeans

Bringing A Contemporary Twist to an Everlasting Trend: Denim and Jeans

Denim and Jeans rocked the fashion industry in the 19th century and is still a trend today. The denim fabric and jeans bottoms are a separate sector within the fashion industry, producing a vast line of clothing styles. Denim is a versatile fabric that allows it to be styled according to various designs, from tops and bottoms to even shoes and hats. The denim industry has also seen a revolution in the past few years, one of the main factors being the production methods. Brands like Dricoper denim only follow ethical denim production processes. This awakening has spread across the industry, with more and more brands and names vowing to adopt only ethical practices in their production.

Besides the values, the denim industry’s design also saw a change in its trends. The latest denim trends can be classified as retro, as the designs are reflective of the very first denim designs. Denim fashion is not only about the design, but even the colour and texture of the fabric play a vital role in shaping its trends. For example, a recent trend in jeans is stonewashed jeans with frayed ends. The jeans’ textured exudes a rough and raw vibe with patches of while and frayed threads at the end.

One of the longest-lasting trends in jeans were skinny jeans. They lasted years, but are no longer in trend now, making way for more straight lines and flares. Here are the denim trends forecasted for 2021.

The Straight Cut Pants

Ripped jeans are still an eminent part of street style fashion, but even they sport straight lines and A-line silhouettes. The rips also sport clean straight cuts with rough and tufted threads. Ankle-length pencil fits are out, as brands like Dricoper denim feature cute joggers and straight boot-cut jeans, which are topping trends this year along with crop pants.

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Embellished Jeans

Casual jeans adopted a more basic and raw image, while dressy jeans increased their embellishment. Sequins, rhinestones, velvet and satin patches, and much more. These jeans add exuberance to every outfit, pairing them with an understated top and lavish earrings is a cover-worthy look this year.

Frayed Shorts

Denim shorts for women are a whole vibe, adding an urban and chic finish to an outfit. High-waist and frayed shorts are the top trends this season, with hanging threads for an untreated look. The shorts may also have cuffs, and extend a little below the mid-thigh area. They pair well with tank tops, full-sleeved turtlenecks and hoop earrings for a casual look.

Denim Shirts and Steel Buttons

Denim lovers can rejoice at the revival of the quintessential denim shirt. Denim shirts in light shades are officially in this season, with overstated buttons and pockets and minimal patching of colour. These denim shirts pair well with any bottom style, effortlessly elevating the individual’s style quotient.

Trucker Jackets

2021 fashion reflects the time, as the fashion industry moves towards more basic and bare designs. Similar principles extend into denim fashion as well, reviving the trucker jean jacket. The trucker jacket has a simple straight silhouette and may also include frays. The jacket’s design also sports lines with cuffs and collar lines. The buttons also add to the overall straight cut looks. In essence, the jacket has a rather bare and basic style, meant to reflect contemporary minimalist values.

The Denim Romper

Rompers are here to stay, as women all over the world clamoured to get their hands on one. This year, people can see denim rompers make it big, as brands like Dricoper denim feature it on their stores and websites. The rompers can sport spaghetti straps, paired with a statement necklace or earring to complete the outfit. People can pair them with high-top sneakers for that street vibe.