Best Home Gym Equipment 

 Best Home Gym Equipment 

Fact is, it has never been an easy task to exercise at home, let it bet setting up a complete home gym or just picking the right home gym equipment. Here is a guide that can help everyone to pick the right home gym equipment. It does not matter whether you live in an apartment or a spare room. Here is the list: –

1.Free Weights 

If there is a space restriction, then a dumbbell is the right option. With a set of dumbbells, an individual can train his or her arms, chest, back, quadriceps, abs or any muscle that is present in the body. There are a few dumbbells that can be adjusted. With these kinds of dumbbells, an individual can make the workout more intense just by adjusting the weight. An individual does not need to buy several dumbbells. This can save plenty of space.

The dumbbell that is used for every exercise is different. For example, an individual who needs a 5 kgs dumbbell for a shoulder front raise might require a 20 kgs dumbbell for a back row. So with these adjustable free weights, people can perform various exercises with a single dumbbell. This will save a lot of money and plenty of space.

2.Yoga Mat 

Performing a yoga asana or an exercise on a hard floor will hurt an individual’s back, and a towel or rug may slide while performing a yoga asana; and in a few cases, this can also lead to numerous injuries, so it is worth buying a yoga mat.

A yoga mat is made out of a double-sided, non-slip surface to assist an individual with abstaining from falling and a moisture safe innovation that makes it simple to clean. A yoga mat accompanies a strap. People can use it, keep it bundled and keep it aside when they are not using it.

3.Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is an amazing piece of equipment to perform a cardio exercise. People can use it during their warmup as well. Skipping rope can burn up to 25 calories in two mins. It will also strengthen the body muscles, includes quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, and it helps in burning fat. Skipping is much more effective when compared to brisk walking. It also improves cardiac health. Skipping rope will increase the heart rate, and in future, it will reduce the risk of cardiac diseases.

A skipping rope can activate every muscle present in the body. The more time an individual spends on skipping rope, the more calories they will burn. A beginner can start with low-intensity skipping, and after some time, they can increase the intensity of the workout.

5.Foam Roller 

Good recovery and cool down after an intense workout will help an individual to recover quickly and avoid an injury. A foam roller will provide an individual with a lot of surface region to carry out on their joints and can be utilized on everything from the quadriceps to lats and traps. A good foam roller will enhance the blood flow and reduce the tension on the muscles after an exercise or simply a tiring day of work.

The foam roller is very safe to use, and it should be used if an individual experience’s any muscle tightness or workouts regularly. Foam rolling should be avoided if an individual is suffering from a serious injury such as a muscle tear, shoulder dislocation or any injury until unless a doctor or a physiotherapist recommends them to use. Also, avoid using a foam roller on joints such as ankles, knees, or elbows. An individual can use it separately on his or her quads, calves and hamstrings