A Guide to Buy Disposable Gloves

A Guide to Buy Disposable Gloves

The sale of disposable gloves has risen ever since the pandemic hit the world. People are cautious about their surroundings, and so, they do every bit possible to keep themselves protected from the virus. Earlier, when someone would mention medical gloves, you could only think of medical practitioners using them in their daily routine.

Nowadays, there are multiple uses of these disposable gloves that can help you save yourself from the spread of coronavirus. So, instead of using any disposable gloves, you must learn how to buy the correct glove according to your use. This post is like a guidebook for you to explain everything you need to know about medical gloves.

Why are Disposable Gloves Used?

When you talk about disposable gloves in general, they are multi-purpose. If you have observed, the janitorial staff, the housekeeping staff, people working in a kitchen, gardener, technician, and standard labour like mechanics also use gloves to protect their hands from dust, dirt, bacteria or injury.

Although there can be a difference in the quality of the gloves that each individual uses, there is one thing that anyone should consider before pouring a pair of disposable gloves. Do you have a hint of what it is? Well, that is the purpose behind it.

What is your Purpose for Using Gloves?

If you are trying to buy some pairs of disposable gloves for protecting yourself from the spread of coronavirus, you should know about the type of gloves before making a purchase.

There are different types of materials used for manufacturing disposable gloves. There can be a possibility that you can be allergic to the material used to produce gloves. Therefore, it is wise that you learn about the types and uses of gloves.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Disposable Gloves - WCP Solutions

The Material used for Making Disposable Gloves

  • Vinyl
  • Nitrile
  • Nylon
  • Latex

These are the commonly used materials used for creating medical gloves.

Each type of glove is of different material that can cause skin allergies. So, let’s find out individually how each kind of glove is different from the other

Vinyl Gloves

These cost-effective gloves get made of plastic polymer or PVC. If you need these gloves for cleaning non-hazardous products, you can buy them and put them on to solve your problem. But in case you need them for more tactical purposes, you need to reconsider your choice.

Nitrile Gloves

One of the most robust and most durable gloves are nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are a bi-product of rubber polymer that makes them tear-resistant. If you are dealing with hazardous chemicals, testing samples in a laboratory, or conducting surgery, then these gloves are for you.

Nylon Gloves

These gloves are pretty famous for the level of protection they offer from contamination. They have a covering of another material as well. Thus, their texture is non-slippery and are also abrasion-resistant.

Latex Gloves

Latex is a material used for making disposable gloves. The natural rubber latex allows you to have free and flexible hand movement. Some people are allergic to latex; if you are one of them, you should avoid them for sure.

Hopefully, you have found all the answers to your questions related to medical gloves, which will suit you.