5 Most Common Myths & Misconceptions About Land Surveying

5 Most Common Myths & Misconceptions About Land Surveying

When it comes to buying land, or having work carried out on a property, there are a few reasons why it is important to use land survey services. In recent years, there have been urban myths going around about land surveys and this has led to instances where people have gotten into trouble for their building projects. Let’s have a look at the five common misconceptions and put the record straight when it comes to why it’s highly encouraged for you to engage the services of a land surveyor in Melbourne.

The Existing wall Boundary/Fence is the Property Line.

If the fence was there when you moved in, it does not mean that this is the property line. Even if the wall or fence is well over fifty to hundred years old, what is important to remember is that records of property and land were not as accurate then as they are today. With changes in neighbours and ownership, it is more likely that fences put up even decades ago could be encroaching on your neighbours’ land.

What is needed is a plan showing the exact areas of the boundaries to ensure they match what is on the title deed of the property. If the fences are not in the right place, then a land survey will show exactly how far out they are and if the land is as the title deed describes it.

The Original Survey Stakes are There so no Need for Another Survey.

This just informs you that there was a survey carried out but again, it does not mean that what you think is your boundary is actually the right property line. What you may have found may not be a surveying monument but could be something used by a previous occupant and more importantly, will not hold up in court. Getting a licensed practitioner out to carry out a proper survey will provide you with that accurate information as well as peace of mind.

Land Surveying Types – Topographical Survey and Boundary Survey

The Neighbours Have got Their Fence in Place so it Must be Accurate.

Unfortunately, you cannot always rely on the current physical boundaries in place to be accurate when it comes to surveying land. Keeping on good terms with your neighbours is important but you could be unwittingly encroaching on their land, or they could be doing the same with yours. There could also be an easement on the title deed that you are not aware of until you get this checked out by land survey services.

An easement means that others are allowed right of way onto your property for a particular reason. If a neighbour has put a fence up to give them some privacy but there is an easement on it, both of you need to be aware. Nothing is allowed to be built over an easement.

Land Surveys are Subject to Standard Costs Based on Size of Land.

This is another urban myth which contradicts the complexity of the work carried out by the land surveyor in Melbourne. They will explain how they price surveys depending on the complexity of the work undertaken. Not only do they have to survey and check for the presence of buildings and fences, along with the topography of the land and ground level visibility, but several other searches take place as well. They will check for any records which show the date the land was partitioned off and any previous surveys along with the quality of existing records.

Checks will also be made to see if any restrictive covenants are on the title deed. This is a written agreement which specifies how the land can be used along with any limitations. For example, heritage plots will very likely have restrictions placed on them around type of build or renovations, and any restrictions around native vegetation and tree preservation orders.

Land Surveys are Expensive so I Will use an old Survey Report.

Even if you do manage to track down an old map that would have been created for taxation purposes, there is no guarantee it is an accurate one. It may also not be suitable if it does not give you the correct information regarding a boundary dispute or help in identifying where the actual boundary lines are on the ground. With the technology available today, surveyors can give an accurate survey of the land you own along with clearly identifying property lines and any legal restrictions that could be placed on your build.

In terms of cost, surveys are not expensive if you think about what can go wrong if you don’t have one done. You could go ahead and build or renovate, only to have a neighbour’s survey show you have encroached on their land, or you have built over an easement. You will then end up wasting thousands of dollars only to have to remove the structure you have built.

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