What do you do in a Sudden Panic Attack?

What do you do in a Sudden Panic Attack?

A panic attack is an incredible experience of severe tension that occurs without caution. It is frequently followed by effective bodily signs and can be so horrifying that human beings can consider experiencing a heart attack, fainting, or even losing a life. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what precautions you can apply while a panic attack occurs and realize that there can be help that will guide you in the long run.

No one desires to revel in panic attacks. Panic attacks can prevent a person from being capable of spending their lifestyle to the fullest. With the proper care, panic attacks can be managed and avoided and can permit someone to take steps in the direction of living a wholesome and pleasant existence.

Panic attacks may vary from person to person, and everyone has different symptoms like fear of death, loss of control, sweating, headache, dizziness, and detachment. Panic attacks are usually caused because of genetic disorders and massive stress without any rest. If you are a person who is tired of having major panic attacks, then you should make some strategies and set up some necessary forethoughts for yourself at the time of suffering from the panic attack. There are some strategies and techniques that can accommodate you at that time:

Check your Breathing

Your breathing can be fastened at the time of experiencing a severe panic attack. That thing can scare you the most, and you will become more horrified as your mind will start worrying that you can breathe anymore and there will be so many more things completely spinning in your head very badly. So, it can get better if you close your eyes for some time and concentrate on breathing as slowly and gradually as possible. By performing this process, you can maintain and control your breathing at that time, resulting in calming your panic attack.

Tell yourself What is Happening

It would help if you stop doing everything and focus on what you are thinking at that moment. Tell and remind yourself that your brain and body are overreacting to something very usual and unnecessary and that you will not face any harm or die.

Keep in Mind That the Panic Attack will Pass

Changing your mind always helps in any circumstance. It will help if you continually keep in mind that the panic attack is temporary and will go away in some time. It is just an outcome of your over thinking and stress or something. It comes naturally and goes away in some time without causing you any danger, and you will feel relaxed after it will pass naturally.

Try to Change your Mind

After experiencing a severe panic attack, you may feel fully detached from the world. It will help if you try to focus on your surroundings and things that make you feel joyful. You should engage yourself in any activity and try to feel something by placing your feet or touching with a hand to get back to reality. It will take some time, but it will get better eventually.

Refrain from Alcohol

After consuming alcohol, getting a panic attack is an event of severe apprehension where the feelings are intensified. A person going through this may encounter choking or get out of breath and encounter irritational thoughts, which may disconnect them from the real world. Their brain may face a series of depressing feelings and terror, and it can even be something that is not event present.

Alcohol is possibly the most common cause of the majority of the problems and conditions which lead to mental disorders and several physical symptoms such as elevated pulse rate, hypoglycemia, etc. This is the reason why alcohol is responsible for such situations and attacks. Get in touch with Florida treatment center of if the situation worsens.

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Think About Your Happy Place

To change your mind:

  • Try to think about where you feel satisfied and distracted from all the worries and anxieties.
  • Think about a life full of contentment and peace.
  • Make your focus on a soothing and relaxing environment.

These three tips will help you to cope with the situation.

Meditate Yourself

Meditate yourself by listening to some mesmerizing and relaxing sounds and music that will help in your mind. Then, go somewhere peaceful and hang out with your closest friends who understand your situation. Have something to eat like chocolate as it helps to reduce stress. Do some exercise and pray for yourself with the hope that you will get better soon.

Do Not Stay Quiet 

Staying quiet may burst your mind with depressing and irritational thoughts. So the best thing to do to avoid this feeling of depression is to talk to someone you are close to; they can be anyone, your family, friends, office mates, or even pets. And it is a fact that expressing your feelings helps to bring your mind at ease.

Consult a Doctor

If you feel the symptoms of a panic attack, you should always see and consult a doctor to avoid further severe attacks. You should always put your health first and practice patience. Follow the prescription given by the doctor and have medicines on time to secure your well-being and life. Life is too short, so it will be best to take care of yourself and enjoy it.


It is not possible to foretell when a panic attack will strike. Let’s say if you are a person who over thinks everything and every situation according to their mindset, you should always be ready to experience it once in a while. Therefore, if you encounter such circumstances, the strategies mentioned above will be pretty helpful for you. Utilize these strategies to transform your mind at that time. Share with your closest friend or your partner to make progress. These are some of the necessary and immediate things you should do if someone goes through a sudden panic attack. And one should also practice these things to avoid the symptoms of a sudden panic attack. These certain practices can help you fight the anxiety and save you from the symptoms that may occur. A person can decrease the chances of facing the symptoms if they follow these habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle.