Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanitiser Dispenser

Touch Australia is one of the companies that has been serving in the sector for many years in the field of disinfectants and auxiliary apparatus.

We prefer the Tauch Australia brand in the use of disinfectant products and sanitiser dispenser products in the institution we work with.

We have been providing hygiene by using Tauch Australia apparatus for many years in all the common toilets, shared meeting rooms, dining hall, guest rooms, rest rooms and general office areas of the institution we work for.

There was no deformation, breakage, or rust in the products we used.

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We used the disinfectant dispensers from the Tauch Australia brand, which we need to reuse in working environments, due to the need to pay attention to hand cleaning and hygiene rules, which is one of the most important points of our struggle with the great epidemic that we have experienced recently.

We have experienced the quality of the products since the soap dispensers used in the common toilets belong to this brand.

To be able to manage the health of our employees and their relatives and to manage the epidemic process, we use Tauch Australia branded hand and surface disinfectants and accordingly sanitiser dispenser products from Tauch Australia to remove germs.

One of our reasons for choosing Touch Australia is its existence in the sector for many years, the experience it has gained, its quality production method and its understanding of customer satisfaction.

We are happy to work with Tauch Australia. We also recommend it to you.