Google Pixel 4 drops from 90Hz refresh rate when people bring down the brightness

One of the numerous signature highlights of the Google Pixel 4, past the Soli/Motion Sense chip and astrophotography capabilities, is the inclusion of a 90Hz display, or “Smooth Display,” as additionally observed on the OnePlus 7T and some gaming phones. Early adopters have found, in any case, that the Pixel 4’s 90Hz display drops down to the standard 60Hz on lower brightness levels.

Analysts the whole way across the internet got their hands on the Google Pixel 4 after a week ago’s Made by Google event, and the encounters they’ve shared have been inconsistent, to say the least. Some have nothing but praise for the 90Hz refresh rate, while others found the Pixel 4’s adaptive Smooth Display option to turn on and off apparently at random. This week, Pixel 4 has been getting into the hands of individuals around the world, and developers have just started attempting to better understand their new phone.

One Redditor appears to have landed on one of the triggers for when precisely the Pixel 4’s Smooth Display decides not to utilize its 90Hz refresh rate. In their testing, which has been independently affirmed by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will switch over to 60Hz when the screen’s brightness level is set to 75% or less. At around that equivalent brightness level, the Pixel 4 changes to an alternate display calibration setting.

Different factors likewise appear to be included, however, as one individual reports that their Pixel 4 remained on 90Hz while on a low brightness level yet extremely high surrounding light level. This hints at the likelihood that Smooth Display is partially attached to the Pixel 4’s Ambient EQ feature.

As developers keep on an experiment with Pixel 4, everyone will without a doubt soon arrive at a full response to when precisely Smooth Display does and doesn’t utilize the 90Hz refresh rate. What’s likewise not known, for the present, is the reason Google utilizes this metric in the first place.

Until further notice, the most ideal approach to guarantee that people are benefiting as much as possible from the 90Hz display on the Pixel 4, regardless of their brightness level or the surrounding light levels, is to empower the “Force 90Hz refresh rate” setting in the Developer Options menu. Simply remember that this will very likely huge affect their battery life, which is now one of the significant complaints of the smaller Pixel 4.