4 Memorable Activities You Can Never Miss In Bratislava

4 Memorable Activities You Can Never Miss In Bratislava

Holidays are memory creation times. Bratislava is one of the cities to make your memories. This youngest European city works as a perfect holiday destination. It is a nice choice for people seeking a quiet and less crowded place to spend their summer. In Bratislava, you do not need to wait in line for any service.

Whether it is summer or winter, you will never have to queue for hours to get a service or take part in the activity. So, with a good plan, you can participate in numerous activities available for tourists in this city. While all activities are worth considering, here are 4 memorable ones that you should never miss:

Taking part in wine tasting

Winemaking is one of the many Slovakian traditions. The country has large vineyards and even a wine museum. When you visit Bratislava, wine tour is a great activity that will make your day memorable. Winemaking dates back to middle age. The city has some winemaking area where you can get a taste of the finest wines in Europe.

Also, when you first the city in the grape harvesting season in September, you will get a chance to have a glass of young wine. This experience will never leave your mind.

Visit the Blue church

Have you ever heard about the Blue Church? Maybe you read something about it in the history book. Your tour to Bratislava will offer you a chance to have a one-on-one look at this structure. Located next to the Old Town, this building features a unique design and shape.

Its decorations are beautiful and attractive with blue paintings in every part of its interior. Being in the church gives you a feeling of living in the sky. You can capture an image of it for a memorable flashback when you go back to your country.

Take a picture with Bratislava statutes

Bratislava is home to statutes. You will encounter many statutes that showcase the history and craftsmanship of the Slovakian citizens. The amazing aspect of these statutes is their locations. Most of them are in an unusual place that captures your attention unexpectedly.

For instance, Rubberneck which is a major tourist attraction statute features a worker emerging out of a drain. You can find other statutes located on streets and building tops. Whenever you locate one, it is worth storing the moment by taking a picture next to it.

 Go to the city museum

Learning the history of a country would be the best experience you can ever have on your tour. If you are a history lover, the City Museum is a good place to visit while in Bratislava. This museum hosts a range of exhibitions dating back to the Neolithic era.

You will see the past look of this Slovakian city to its modern state. You will tour the past administration and meeting blocks. The blocks have some amazing ceiling and decorations that no tourist can avoid to miss seeing.

So, if you want to make your Bratislava tour a living memory, touring and participating in the above activities will fulfill your dream.