Moving Checklist in Toronto

Moving Checklist in Toronto

Moving day is a challenging feat in every context. In contrast, preparation is often considered half of the tale since the real struggle is searching for the right movers in the city. You can easily cut down the hassle and enjoy your moving experience by hiring an experienced moving company.

But since we are not advertising a moving company today, let’s prepare you for the details involved in moving to a new location in the hip and happening city of Toronto.

We understand that transitioning from a home to a new location could be overwhelming emotionally. This is why we have come up with the ultimate moving checklist to help you with the practical side of things.

Why Do You Need a Comprehensive Checklist?

It is entirely possible to start packing and moving independently without a plan, but making and maintaining a checklist when moving can save you from a lot of trouble in the first few weeks of relocation. You can start the journey by notifying significant institutions and organizations about the new address.

From Canada mail to your favourite restaurants, brands, and close friends, everyone will need an updated version of your address as soon as you move in. This is a cumbersome process, which is why you must get it done before anything else.

When you prepare a checklist of things to do when moving, then it is naturally easy to keep track of your preparation and the position of essential items that you will need immediately after the move. So without much ado, let’s jump right into the checklist.

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Eight Weeks Prior

  • Finding the perfect apartment for relocation is a song that can be sung another day, but as soon as you know the moving day, you must begin the tedious job of taking inventory of your possessions. If you have downsized the home, then Marie Kondo’s art of finding joy can help you declutter all the meaningless junk that has piled up at the back of your storage.
  • You can save your drawers in your new residence from getting cramped with unorganized documents by combing through them before the move. All the legal and personal documents must be sorted and secured first.
  • Ensure that the enrollment process for yourself or your flat-mates must be done according to the new location. Informing your health professionals and doctors about the new address is another essential step needed at this stage.

Six Weeks to Go

  • When you hit the six-week mark, then you can investigate the moving companies. Take your time in researching them.
  • Once you are done scheduling the movers, then you can purchase packing supplies from any convenience store. Although complete moving services along with packing and unpacking are also readily available, one must remember the additional expenses something like that can introduce to your budget.
  • You can start putting labels on the cartons about the new home locations and start packing things room-by-room. You can post ads on online marketplaces to get rid of extra things. Making a pretty buck from unnecessary things has its own joys! You can also organize a pickup for things set aside for donation.
  • Discuss the changes that may be implied once you move to or from Toronto. This can prove beneficial in the longer term.

Four Weeks Prior

  • If you are moving from one city to another, then you must finalize your travel arrangements at this point. Obtain your dental and medical records and make sure that you have the official transfer transcripts with you.
  • Get your memberships transferred to the new address and also initiate a log for moving expenses. You can transfer the subscription to newspapers and magazines or even go ahead with cancellations at this stage.
  • Make sure that your utilities such as cable, telephone, and water are also switched to the new address. Also, start cleaning your current house from now to save time at the tail end.
  • Check the contents of your safe-deposit and carry all your valuables with you for their safety.
  • This time can also be used to prepare your children for the move. Please encourage them to pack a box of immediate supplies they will need in the new house. The same rule goes for all the adults involved.

Two Weeks Prior

  • Throw the farewell party if you have plans for it by the two-week mark.
  • You can also start unplugging and packing electronics that can be put away for 15-20 days, like the waffle iron, garment steamer, and whatnot!

One Week Prior

  • This is showtime. With seven days or less left from your big day, you can collect the new keys and provide the keys to your previous residence to its new residents or landlord.
  • Double-check all the spots such as shelves, closets, back shed, and garage to ensure that everything is packed away.
  • Finish the packaging process by preparing a bag of immediate supplies like necessary kitchen utensils, toiletries, and toilet paper to survive the first round of scavenger hunt in the new home.

The Moving Day

  • On the D-day, make sure that your movers have the correct time and addresses. Exchange phone numbers with the team assigned to you and stay in constant contact with them.
  • When the crew reaches your current location, inform them about the work that needs to be done, and ask them if any clarity is needed on the tasks.
  • Take a last round of the house, tick mark the chores from this checklist, and bid adios to your old home.

Welcome Home

When you are prepared beforehand and also have an excellent moving company, your transition to a new Toronto neighbourhood would only bring a smile to your face. Using a checklist like this will help you stay stress-free. And trust us, stress or anxiety is the last thing you need on the day of the move.

So stay calm and keep packing until you get done. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.