Popular Smart Home Devices to Get in 2021

As the world embraces the new technological advancements, many people have started to feel the need of equipping their homes with different smart devices. There are various tools that can help make your everyday life easier and more secure. The gadgets available in the market would work either with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Both of them are virtual voice assistants. This means that you just need to command them and they would operate the devices. So, owning them has become much more of a necessity for those who wish to build a smart home.

Best Smart Home Devices to Consider

Whether you want to stream music or control the lighting, there is a device for every need. There is even one for opening the blinds. But to make the most out of these gadgets, it is recommended to have a strong internet connection as, without it, they will not function. I remember when I decided to install smart devices in my home, the first thing I did was to check different Spectrum deals before subscribing to their internet service. I am quite satisfied with the quality of the service I am getting as my devices work like a breeze.

If you too are planning to equip your home with smart devices then have a look at the following gadgets. They will certainly make your life much less hectic and comfortable.

#1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If you have been searching for a device that can help you answer the door no matter where you are then Ring Video Doorbell Pro is what you need. It works with Alexa and would send the alerts to Echo which would enable you to hear and speak to the visitors. This device would also send you an alert on your mobile whenever someone pressed the doorbell or a motion was detected. It will be connected to your doorbell wiring and would offer you four faceplate options.

#2. Echo Dot

Echo Dot is designed by Amazon to become an individual’s best friend. It is a voice-controlled speaker which will work with Alexa and would allow you to not only make/answer calls but also to set alarms, check the weather and so much more. It can even control other smart devices with the command of your voice. There are multiple functions that you can ask Echo Dot to perform such as play a song or turning on the lights.

#3. TP-Link Smart Bulb

Do you need a smart bulb that you can turn on from anywhere? Well, TP-Link Smart Bulb is your answer! It works with Alexa. Having this bulb installed in your room means that you would be able to turn it on and off via the Kasa app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet. You can even adjust the brightness of the bulb. What’s more? This bulb can transform into any color you want, giving you a choice to set the mood of the room according to your preference.

#4. Nest Learning Thermostat

This is a pretty useful device that easily notices your habits before adjusting the thermostat of your home accordingly to lower the energy cost. On average, this device can save you 15% on cooling and 10-12% on heating bills. You can control the device via your tablet, PC, or mobile phone. It is also compatible with Alexa. This means that you can adjust the thermostat with your voice.


These devices are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different gadgets in the market today that perform all sorts of functions. For instance, there is the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Controller which is also known as the universal remote that could control not just your television set but also other smart home devices that you may own. Then there is the Amazon Cloud Cam that will let you watch your home no matter where you are via its dedicated app. This device would also give you alerts and will let you replay the footage that the gadget records. It also features night vision!

Considering the influx of smart devices available, choose the one which you think will suit your needs and make your home more secure!