7 Designing Tips for your Small Living Room

7 Designing Tips for your Small Living Room

You spend a great deal of time in the living room. This is the first room your guests see when they visit and that creates the first impression. Hence, it is crucial to design the living room properly. To be honest, the struggle is real when it comes to designing the living room, especially if it is small. Everything seems cluttered and messed up. Many experts suggest that the best way to make a home design appear spacious is by using cool colours. But, you should not compromise on your personal style while designing the living room. Hence, mentioned below a few tried and tested tips that will help to design the living room and make it more functional:

Make use of the walls 

When the living room design is small, one of the best ways to design the living room is by making use of the walls. There are various stylish wall-mounted storage options available in the market that will make the room more functional without taking up floor space. Storage options may include a foldable table, built-in desks, etc. As a result, you will have to add fewer furniture pieces in the room and it will not appear cluttered

Choose Clear Furniture 

Always choose clear furniture pieces in a small room to make it appear less cluttered. Even, mirrored furniture does the trick. These furniture pieces create the illusion of a more airy and spacious setup as opposed to heavy furniture pieces. Similarly, you can add furniture pieces that have tall legs. They make the room appear much larger by making more floor space visible. This is why mid-century modern design is commonly used in urban home designs like a small living room.

Go for Irregular Shaped Rugs 

Finding the perfect rug for a small living room design is often difficult. This is because most rugs either appear to be too large or too small for the room. As a result, the rug might look very awkward and bring down the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. Instead, look for options that are irregularly shaped and sized. Besides sufficing your needs, it will make the room appear very elegant and organized.

The Drapes Should be Hanged High 

This a very simple yet effective trick. To make the home design appear larger, just hang the curtains high. It will create the illusion that the ceiling is taller and as a result, the room will seem bigger. Get long and double-layered curtains that will complement the home design to increase the appeal of the room.

Do not Add any Coffee Table 

It is better to avoid adding another piece of furniture to a room that is already small. Skip the coffee table and look for simpler and lighter alternatives. For starters, you can get a couple of footrests that can also be used as a sitting place when you receive guests. They occupy very little space and make the room more spacious. Also, you can remove them easily when not required. There are many stylish footrests available in the market that are very comfortable to sit on and will enliven the home design.

Use the Sofa as a Partition 

Home designs that have an open space for the living room and dining setup need a partition to separate the space. Instead of adding more furniture pieces to the room, get a sofa that can be used as a partition to separate both the areas. As a result, the living room will appear more organized.

Make the Most of the Furniture Pieces 

When there is limited space in the home, you should always make the most of all the elements. For instance, use a bookshelf as a partition to separate two areas or buy furniture pieces that can be used for more than one purpose like using a sitting bench as a coffee table.