Top IT Companies to Work for in Bangalore

Top IT Companies to Work for in Bangalore

There’s a story about a Greek king called Midas. He wanted everything he touched to turn to gold. One of the gods heard his wish and decided to fulfil it. That’s a little bit like the story of Bangalore – the first city in India to receive full electrification, that used this benchmark to create other firsts. The electric city of India made its own Electronic City. Bangalore’s answer to Silicon Valley, this vast area houses the world’s most well-known companies including Siemens, GE, Wipro, Intel, HCL Technologies, CGI, Hewlett-Packard, Infosys, and others. No wonder it’s one of the highly sought-after places for young professionals like you.

So if you’re looking to join the 100,000+ employees working, growing, and revolutionizing the world at Electronic City, these are the places that can give Midas’ touch to your career prospects:


The Big Gun in a town of big guns, Infosys needs no introduction. From its humble beginnings in 1981, Infosys has gone on to become a Fortune500 company. With on-the-job training and attractive perks, Infosys is known for creating a vibrant and joyful environment for all its employees. This organization is definitely an example of a true success story. So, why not make it a crucial chapter in your success story as well?


TCS is not only a big name in the Indian IT industry, it’s a truly multinational and one of the most valued brands in the tech world. Its Electronic City offices are always top of the list for any young engineer wanting to learn the tips and tricks to become the next industry hotshot. Perhaps now is also the right time to mention their strong attention to teamwork, encouragement for independent thought, onsite training sessions, and a plethora of software platforms to learn from. What else could a young professional need?


If it’s the public sector that interests you, Electronic City has an answer – Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. BHEL’s core values are based on building competencies and technology for sustained growth. This is a company that facilitates equal opportunities for all its employees and provides a conducive work environment for them to learn, grow and excel in their areas of operation. Its inspiring and open work culture that upholds inclusiveness, teamwork and creativity, coupled with flexible working hours and good work-life balance make it the right fit for any ambitious young achiever.

Tech Mahindra

The company has established its operation in both BPO and Technology Services and thrived well in recent years. The company appreciates good talent and rewards the employees with good packages. It is rated as No.5 among the list of IT companies in India. When most people hear the name Mahindra, they think of SUVs and off-roading. But Tech Mahindra is the Mahindra Group’s subsidiary which occupies the 5th top IT company spot in the country and is worth, wait-for-it, 4.7 billion US dollars! They have 90 offices across the globe, and the one in Electronic City, Bangalore, accepts walk-ins as well. So if you’re looking for a workplace with a good culture, just walk in.

Hewlett Packard

Engineers in India have the stereotypical image of overworked folks sitting in front of their computer systems all-day-long. Hewlett-Packard, with its emphasis on work-life balance for its employees, is breaking that stereotype. They might be one of the biggest companies with hundreds of thousands of employees across the world, but they value each one of them.

HP has established a significant presence in Bangalore with seven branch offices there. The company occupies a primary space in Electronic city and is renowned for technology innovations.

Getting placed at one of these top companies is going to be hard work. So why don’t you let us take care of the rest? No more awkwardly texting those friends of friends for hostel recommendations, or scrolling through pages of Google listings for the paying guest in Electronic City options. And don’t even think we’ve forgotten the hassles of managing monthly expenses (groceries, transport, electricity, and entertainment), on a fresher’s domestic help’s salary and that too in a new city.

We want to make the move comfortable for you, so that you have more than just a place to eat, rest and sleep in. After all, if you’re working in one of the top firms in the city, you should also have a place that lives up to that vibe. Like a Stanza Living residence. Here you’ll be able to enjoy fully-furnished rooms, meals, exhaustive amenities, a vibrant life, and tech-integrations that’ll make you feel innovation come alive (and all of it is built into your monthly rent!). So put all your other worries aside and focus on polishing up your interview skills instead. You’ve got a better deal than Midas when it comes to Electronic City. So go on, don’t just dream about that perfect job, make it turn into gold.