When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in Spokane?

When to Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer in Spokane?

You may find yourself in a tricky situation where you were injured but it wasn’t your fault. When any harm comes to your physical and mental well-being, it is categorized under personal injury law. These injuries occur due to behavioral misconduct or negligence on the perpetrator’s part. If you are on the receiving end of any such injuries, contact a Spokane injury lawyer today.

Personal injury law is a wide umbrella term used to cover multiple injuries. But it is important to remember that not every injury turns into legal liability. Here are the most common types of personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not following road rules and regulations, driving under the influence and not paying attention to the road are the leading causes of road accidents. Motor accidents are also the primary cause of personal injuries in the United States of America. The driver who becomes the perpetrator can be held liable for damages to both property and the victim.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice and misdiagnosis may not be as common, but they do crop up. These occur when medical professionals fail to meet the appropriate standard of healthcare. Prescribing incorrect medicines which cause complications and wrongful death are two examples. Surgical errors may also result in wrongful death.

However, medical malpractice cases are difficult to win, and it can be tricky to determine what counts as malpractice and what doesn’t. Speak with a lawyer to discuss your options.

Dog Bites

Did you know that injuries caused by pets also come under the personal injury law? Legally speaking, the owner is financially responsible if their dog bites or mauls someone. The law, however, differs from state to state.

Injuries Related to Property

If you slip or fall on another person’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. It is the property owner’s duty to maintain their land. They must prevent the possibility of any falls or slips. Wet and slippery floors which do not have a warning, torn carpeting and broken sidewalks are a few examples of personal injury claims.

This category also includes work injuries caused by faulty equipment or construction and scaffoldings. In this case, the responsibility lies with the company and employers.


Using false claims to harm a person’s reputation and social standing can also result in a personal injury lawsuit. Negative and untrue statements may result in financial losses and emotional damage to the victim. Slander should not be taken lightly. However, the law applies differently to celebrities, corporations and the common man.

Personal injury lawsuits require a great deal of evidence. This is especially true in cases of defamation and medical malpractice. It is therefore vital to hire the right lawyer who will help you with all the technicalities of your case. Personal injuries should not be overlooked as they bring harm to your loved ones as well. If you are certain the other person was at fault, seek justice and compensation immediately.