Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

Being locked out of your own house may be very stressful. Especially if you’re in a hurry or someone who needs care is locked inside or just the weather is bad. In any case, the best solution is to call a locksmith service because it’s fast, safe, and convenient.

How Exactly a Locksmith Opens a Locked Door?

To open a locked door skilled locksmiths use different techniques, specialized tools, and their own experience. These 3 dimensions guarantee quick success.

If you are locked outside your house try not to give in to an impulse and leave the stubborn door to the professional. House lockout service is probably the most requested service for any locksmith company. One of the best companies with 35 years of experience in locksmith services is Sure Lock & Key.

Any attempt of a locksmith to open the door begins with careful examination. Only then the locksmith can decide which method to choose: non-destructive or destructive door opening.

The Non-destructive Opening

The non-destructive approach has fewer negative consequences because the door and the lock will stay unbroken at the end. This way is more satisfying for the clients because they don’t have to pay for a new lock afterward. The professional locksmiths prefer to use the non-destructive methods even if it will take more effort. Some of the common non-destructive entry techniques include attempting to pick the lock, sliding the latch back by hand, using bump keys to “twist” the pins. If it doesn’t work the locksmith tries to open the door using different tools such as trip wire, modified hex keys, electric pick gun, mortice lock decoders, letterbox tool, etc. Only if all these aforementioned techniques and tools were unsuccessful, the locksmith will attempt the destructive entry.

The Destructive Opening

Success of the non-destructive methods depends not only on locksmith’s level of training or expertise but also on the type, age, and state of the particular lock. For example, mortice locks are very secure so the non-destructive entry is least likely to work. In case there is no other way to open the door the technician will try to do it by using the destructive approaches. He will drill a lock out or will try to open the door by using force.

A huge number of lockout accidents happen because the lock is broken and doesn’t work properly anymore. In this case, the only right decision is the destructive entry which will save your technician and your time. When the locksmith will install a new lock which won’t cause you troubles anymore. Moreover, this new lock will guarantee your safety in case you’ve lost your keys or they were stolen. One of the companies that provides 24-hour locksmith service and where you can get the best non-destructive and (if necessary) destructive entry is Sure Lock & Key.

How Long Does It Take a Locksmith to Open a House Door?

The time a locksmith spends to open the door is always the crucial point for a client. The average time for opening the door for a skilled locksmith is about 10 minutes. Obviously, this time also can vary in accordance with many aspects such as type of the lock. Some of them are easier to open than others. For example, opening the high security lock can take up to 30-40 minutes. Also if your door has multiple locks it takes more time to open all of them if you’ve lost all the keys. Another factor that can influence the time it takes a locksmith to open your door is its malfunctioning. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is wrong with the lock so tech has to check and even to double-check to be sure which technique he should use. That’s the approach of a responsible locksmith. To protect yourself from the unskilled locksmiths you should choose the company with good customer reviews and the right attitude. Here we can recommend you Sure Lock & Key, the company with colossal experience in locksmith services and proper company policy.