What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Trading Gold in General

What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Trading Gold in General

Many people forget that gold isn’t merely something to admire or keep as a prized possession but was instead a currency for centuries. We also tend to forget that there isn’t enough gold available in physical form, and many remember only after they want to claim it once they have it in the form of stock. Owning gold on paper and having it stored somewhere isn’t nearly the same until you claim it.

Why is the leverage on gold still massive? Because people believe owning gold on paper equals owning it a physical form. It is why if you want to buy gold, especially if you think the market is going to crash, you should make sure you have it stored somewhere, not on paper but physically.

Buying Gold in 2021

The gold rally started back in 2019, and it’s still going strong. Experts predict by the end of 2021, the price of gold in 2021 will reach $2,300 an ounce. The value will continue to rise through 2022, but we will have to overcome some hardships due to the pandemic. Why? Because public debt is massive and continues to increase. The Federal Reserve will not change its monetary policy, and when it does, it will be when inflations stop going above 2%. Another criterion that has to be reached is full employment, which is not easy to achieve, especially since we don’t know when the pandemic will end.

Some were sceptical since the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines put on halt interest in gold, but Commerzbank claims that pandemic won’t negatively affect the gold price this year.

When it comes to investing or buying gold, the main rule to follow is building up your liquid gold and if possible, silver stocks. The aim is to get as much gold as you can since we mentioned a lack of physical gold. That’s why you should keep your attention to the price of an ounce of gold because it should aim to be as close as possible to the price you bought “on paper.”

Be aware you will have to pay any additional fabrication fee because your dealer has to pay the money to the mint. After that, you need to pay the brokerage fee and finally, you can get it delivered. Make sure everything is legal and completely transparent; we can’t stress that enough.

Liquid Stocks

Gold is excellent monetary insurance because you can build up your savings long-term, and the value is always most likely to grow, especially if you don’t touch your savings for a long time.

As with any investment, you will need to have a solid plan for the long run. Be sure you are turning gold into your savings, rather than using it for something else. It’s something that will always be of value, and you don’t know when the time will come when you will have to use it. THat’s why you always need to have access to your gold, and it needs to be liquid. Also, some rules are the same as trading any other stock – don’t go too big right away, and once you are satisfied with a smaller amount of coins, you can continue upwards.


It is essential to know various ways of storing and having access to gold. Whatever you do, whether it’s safe in a bank or at home, you should have direct access to it if something comes out of the blue. It sounds like something from a tv show, but it is the best way to make use of gold you are saving. With this being said, it certainly doesn’t mean you should have all of your gold near you—just the essentials. If we are talking about a considerable amount, then you should keep it in a safe jurisdiction. This applies if you have over $50,000 of investment. If it’s anything less than that, try keeping it nearby.