Is it Hard to Get a Formal License for a Slots Site?

Is it Hard to Get a Formal License for a Slots Site?

The online slot game market, and the iGaming scene is more crowded than ever, and whilst this busy and bustling market does well to promote healthy competition between developers and spark new innovations that could fundamentally change the iGaming scene, what this means for the little guy can be slightly less fortunate.

With the developing giants of online slot games butting heads and forming huge empires in the iGaming world, smaller developers, or perhaps people that are interested in breaking into the world of online slots on the development side have a HUGE task on their hands. But how hard can it really be to secure a formal slot license and get created? Let’s find out.

UK Gambling, and Doing it by the Book.

In the UK, there’s no way around the system. The UK gambling jurisdiction is one of the tightest and most secure around the globe. This means that if you were thinking of cutting a few corners to set up quickly and cheaply, you can think again. If you want to operate in the UK, everything has to be above board and done the proper way.

The Remote Casino Operating License

If it’s play for fun slots you want to create and become one of the big-name developers that everyone is talking about in iGaming, then you’re going to need a ‘Remote Casino Operating License’. This is the qualification you need to be able to offer any casino games to customers via:

  • Website
  • Mobile Phone
  • TV
  • Any other Online service

Without the remote casino operating license, you’re not going anywhere. The licesnse will also allow you to offer other casino games such as:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • And of course, online video slots.

The Remote Casino Operating License

Some games provide their online facilities for mobile gaming by making their particular games available to other customers through different operators. This means that instead of supplying the game directly to the customer. They give it to another host to provide it to their customers instead. For this you need the separate license.

What will I Have to Provide?

In order to obtain a formal license for online slot sites, you will have to provide a wealth of information to the UK gambling jurisdiction. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Complete process of application and administration.
  • A complete business plan with different paths and strategies for particular situations.
  • System documentation for your online video slot game’s software.
  • Financial prognosis with a wealth of information on predicted income and expenditure.

To answer the question of this article, YES. It is unfortunately very difficult to get your hands on a formal license with which you can create online slot games. But if you are an innovative mind, with a point to prove, then the documentation should not stop you on your endeavors. The market is currently full of developers that have made the same leap that you are interested in, so think twice, be careful and you’ll be on your way.