Pros And Cons Of Live Slots

Pros And Cons Of Live Slots

Live slots are a brand new gambling feature of our time, which appeared on the scenes in 2020. Some of the most popular online casinos offer gamblers through history to enjoy a live spinning action helped by a real-life dealer on the other end of the screen. Gambling sites would not have been so popular if not for games with live dealers, and the introduction of live slots will surely boost the popularity of live casinos.

Online casinos might provide a more convenient approach to gambling though players still want to be in the atmosphere of a real gambling house. Many people like the service from the dealer; others are attracted by the natural process of the game. Gamblers who are accustomed to chatting while playing are always in chats, corresponding with other participants in the session. Besides, you can also ask questions to the dealer during the game. In general, it should be noted that modern slot games with live dealers are as convenient and realistic as possible, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of wagering on a live dealer slot.

Pros of Live Slots

Playing with live dealer slots gives you a lot of advantages:

A New Beginning

Live slots are the latest inclusion to a long list of Innovative features introduced by the software providers. These games allow you to enjoy the game from a whole new perspective.

Realistic Experience

Live casino slots allow you to enjoy the real Vegas spinning experience without having to travel to the city of sins. The involvement of a real-life dealer gives you a realistic experience that online slots, no matter how good they are, cannot offer.


First, you can easily observe what is actually going on behind the scenes. This greatly increases the fairness and transparency of the game.


Another big advantage of the live slots is that they allow you to socialize. So whether you are looking to enjoy a wagering session with your friends and family or even if you are looking to make a new friend, the live slot chat feature allows you to do both.

Bet on The Go

Live slots are being offered on the mobile platforms through dedicated apps and mobile websites that allow users to bet on the go regardless of their geo-location.

Cons of Live Slots

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There are also a few downsides of live slots that you must know before putting your hard-earned money on the line.

Internet Dependency

Live slot players often worry about what will happen if the connection with the dealer is lost during a slot session. Online gambling forums have plenty of examples where players were unable to return to the session after losing the connection. However, this issue is solved to some extent, as most online casinos now turn your live bets void in case the connection is lost.

Limited Availability

Live slots are pretty difficult to find on the Internet: not all online establishments provide such services. Only the largest and most famous online casinos provide such an opportunity.

Limited Choice

The choice and variety of available live slot games are quite limited; therefore, finding a slot that suits your requirement might give you headaches.


Playing one-on-one with the dealer on the Internet might make you more than intended. However, the main thing when playing with a real dealer is not to forget about self-control. Such realistic feelings of excitement can turn your head, and, as a result, the game will end in disaster.

Higher Betting Limits

Betting limits on live slots are usually higher than that of the regular slots as these machines are purely meant for the high rollers.