Boosting Productivity: Declutter And Organise Your Desk


Business owners are constantly looking for ways to grow their businesses. If you are one among them, you should start with what’s right in front of you; your desk.

If you are hoping for massive growth for your small business, you should make sure things are organised, starting with your desk. It is common to judge employees with cluttered desks as working hard enough; however, it could actually be detrimental to their productivity and workflow.

Decluttering office space is part of the challenge for any business. Office supplies or miscellaneous things accumulate over time. Fortunately, the right office tools could elevate work quality, boost efficiency, and even boost employees’ discipline. Of course, they must blend with the aesthetics of your office for good ambience. If you find some inspiration but not available in your area, look and buy stationery online.

Strategically Organising your Desk

Don’t tolerate desk clutters for an extended period

A messy desk makes one feel stagnant in the workplace and soon prevents productivity and growth. Office objects, like a pencil, basic pen, paper, highlighter, eraser, calculator, and office equipment, such as a printer, paper shredder, and xerox, are needed by your employees. However, continuous usage of office supplies leads to clutters, which eventually results in low workplace efficiency. Make sure to buy portfolios, pencil cases, bag organisers, and anything that could organise your office tools. If you can’t find something that could fit your office, try to search and buy stationery online.

Let go tools/supplies that have not been used for months

A survey found that the average employee can waste up to $4,800 just trying to find something misplaced. By throwing dusty, outdated, and non-sentimental office supplies and tools, you can keep your workspace clean and improve your business’s efficiency. A clean workplace communicates professionalism to yourself and customers, co-employees, and coworkers.

Keep every object around the desktop within reach

Objects around your office computer should be the only ones you use daily. In today’s ever-evolving digital world, you probably do not need to keep an overflowing cup with pens and pencils. But your laptop, work folio with notepad and a stapler, and at least a clipboard hanging in front of you should be within arms-reach. Aesthetics are also necessary, so don’t settle for an office supply if it doesn’t fit your office style.

Save a large portion of desk space


It would be best to have a large portion of free desk space when spreading out paperwork for signing. Designate an area in your desk as “free space” and get into the habit of clearing that space as often as possible. The standard free space size could be at least the size of two long bond papers. This makes it easier for you to review and sign documents. You can also add a two-tray system in your desk rather than keep piles of projects scattered.

It is best to use desktop organisers and office containers to declutter your desk. However, too much of these can result in disorganisation. So, be sure to have one designated container for each office supply.

These tips may seem common and attainable, yet when implemented consistently and adequately, it could lead to more strategic working time and efficiency.