Treatment Options For Common Skin Problems

Skin Problems

Your skin is your body’s largest and first barrier against infections, and it is the first thing that other people notice about you. As such, taking care of it cannot be stressed enough. However, many people are prone to skin problems caused by natural aging and intense sensitivity to the external environment. Some of these issues include eczema, warts, acne, and pigmentation. While they are not potentially life-threatening, they can impact one’s confidence in a very serious way. The great news is that these can now be remedied by innovative skin treatment procedures developed by dermatologists. Some of these treatments are microdermabrasion, RF skin resurfacing and LED light therapy, which will be elaborated more in this article.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive technique that can improve problematic skin conditions caused by sun damage, melasma, and scarring. It can also help in reducing hyperpigmentation and lightening scars. The end result of this treatment is a smoother looking skin brought about by gentle sanding process of the microdermabrasion device. Alternatively, some dermatologists spray sodium bicarbonate and aluminium oxide to the skin and suction it so that its external layer can be safely shed off.

The price for this procedure typically costs between $50-100, depending on how large the skin area is. Clients who go for this treatment can also ask for add-on services to better their skin condition, such as vitamin infusion and extraction.

RF skin Resurfacing

Another great solution for skin discolouration and unwanted marks is RF skin resurfacing. Aside from major skin problems, it can also reduce age-related concerns such as wrinkles and enlarged pores. This skin treatment uses a machine equipped with tiny needles to encourage the growth of new and healthy tissues.

Even though it uses prickling, there is nothing to be scared of since the whole procedure is painless. RF skin resurfacing treatment only takes between 20-45 minutes, and its healing will only take a day or two. You need not worry about the slight redness in your face after the treatment since it is naturally part of the rejuvenating process.

To give you a heads up, the usual cost for RF skin resurfacing is typically around $200-400 per session.

Led Light Therapy

For those who need help with their skin wounds and want to rejuvenate their bodies, LED light therapy offers a promising solution. This treatment is characterised by the use of varying light wavelengths that can regenerate the skin. It works by targeting your skill cells to increase its ability to heal itself.

 Skin Problems

LED light therapy is originally used by NASA for wound treatment, so you can be assured that it is tried and tested by top-notch scientists. The only downside to this innovative procedure is that you have to make around ten appointments. Nevertheless, if your skin responds well, its effects are permanent, and you will barely need maintenance. Furthermore, unlike other treatments, this is an in-and-out procedure. You will not experience any redness or swollenness after the 25-minute session, so you can go about your day. As a plus, you will be out of the session with a healthier glow.

Skin problems are pretty common. With the advent of new technologies, you do not have to walk around with scars, pigmentations, and other irregularities. Just pay a visit to your dermatologist’s clinic, and you will be offered a couple of effective treatments that can solve your skin problems.