An Easy Guide to Finding the Best Recruitment Software for Your Agency

An Easy Guide to Finding the Best Recruitment Software for Your Agency

Recruiters are often debating the question ‘is there a best recruitment software for agencies?’. While there is no clear-cut answer to that, recruiters can find the best recruiting software suitable for their firm. The keyword here is suitable – because different businesses have different needs. Recruiters can adhere to the following basic and easy steps to acquire the most appropriate recruitment software CRM for themselves.

  1. Cloud-based software

Remote work is no longer a novel concept. The global pandemic has made it an established fixture for many businesses. Thus, one of the things that recruiters will need to enquire after is if the software is cloud-based. Having a cloud-based system enables remote workers to access all the documents as if they were working from the office site. Sharing documents, storing data, and picking up work when a team member is off or ill – everything becomes much more hassle-free.

  1. Less admin work, more productivity

Many recruiters find themselves focusing too much on paperwork and not enough on cultivating relationships. A lot of the admin work is also very tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, their recruitment software must have automated tools to help recruiters accomplish repetitive tasks easily. This encourages more productivity on the necessary things such as networking and forging stronger connections.

  1. Flexible integrations

A good and useful recruitment database software is one that will successfully integrate with the recruitment agency’s needs. Recruiters must pay attention to whether it can be customised to fit their business needs. How adaptable is it with the systems the business is already using? Does the CRM software integrate seamlessly with Office 365? Does it have GDPR and IR35 toolkits inbuilt into the system?

There are three final steps recruiters must take before concluding their purchase. These steps are very important and have a long-lasting impact on recruitment software users. Therefore, remember to:

  • Always get a demo

Almost all software suppliers offer live demos of their products. Recruiters must take this opportunity to ask questions, experience how user-friendly the product is, and observe whether the software features can be customised for the agency. These demos are mostly online so it can be arranged at the convenience of both parties. Recruiters can also invite a couple of their colleagues to watch the demo. This is quite practical as everyone can ask pertinent questions and also exchange insightful notes about the software later.

  • Check reviews

Do not finalise a deal without checking for reviews and getting references. Company reviews are not difficult to find. Recruiters can easily check Trustpilot for objective reviews of the company and the services they offer. It’s crucial to focus on reviews from organisations similar to their own business. Example- a big temps placing business should seek out reviews from other large agencies placing temps workers, start-ups should look for reviews from other start-ups, etc. Suppliers are also happy to offer client testimonials. Looking at all the reviews gives recruiters a good idea of the quality of service they can expect. It is useful in making the final decision.