A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

Purchasing a vaporizer to help kick your tobacco habit might appear wise, but many men and women give up and return to smoking because they don’t know how to use the device. Personal vaporizers come with a learning curve, something many people don’t know when they choose to make the switch. Besides learning how to operate the device they purchased; they must discover how temperature settings affect the vaping experience. Every person new to vaping needs help, and this comprehensive guide provides the basics they require to enjoy vaping and all it offers.

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves the heating of a liquid to the temperature required to convert this liquid into vapor, which the user then inhales. Men and women find they can vaporize many substances, depending on their needs and desires. Regardless of what substance they use, however, the device must heat it to its boiling point without raising the temperature to the point the substance combusts.

Individuals have vaped for centuries. In ancient times, men and women threw dry herbs on hot stones which would release steam into the air. They would then immerse themselves in the vapor by inhaling it along with the air. Today, vaping looks very different, as men and women find they have many devices to select from, ones that allow them to customize their vaping experience. They control the quality of the vapor and the nuances of the flavor to get the desired effect. Check out the many starter kits at IndeJuice to find the one that is right for you.

Vaporizer Options

The first vaporizers were large devices that could only be used in one location. Today, people find they can choose a desktop vape or a portable one. Most former smokers and individuals new to vaping choose to use a portable device, however. These devices range from small units the size of a pen to devices about the size of a smartphone. The fancier units come with additional features such as advanced wireless connectivity options.

How Does the Portable Vaporizer Work?

Portable vaporizers remain very simple in their design. They come with a power source that activates the heating element. This heats the substance until it reaches the desired temperature. Portable vapes use one of two methods to heat materials. With conduction heating, the material sits directly on the unit’s heating element. The power source warms the element before transferring the heat to the material. This vaporizes the material on contact.

Convection heating, in contrast, separates the heating element and the material. The element warms the air surrounding the material, and a fan or the user’s breath when inhaling sends the hot air over the material, which then vaporizes.

The Vaping Steps

Vaping differs from smoking in a variety of ways. However, don’t let this intimidate you. Once a person knows each step in the process, vaping will become second nature in no time. In fact, once a person gets the hang of vaping, they find it to be fun and easy.

The first step involves selecting a vaping device. Many manufacturers now produce these units, and some are extremely complex. However, new vapers find they can purchase a starter kit and begin using it immediately. They won’t need to do a lot of research beforehand when they are first starting out. Besides choosing the device, the user needs to select an e-liquid. If the device doesn’t come with a power source, purchase one of these units as well.

Before spending any money, however, ensure the selected vape device is compatible with the material you will use. Certain vaping devices only work with concentrates or dry herbs and wouldn’t be appropriate for e-liquids. Other vapes accept several materials. In addition, briefly review any literature that comes with the selected device to get an understanding of how to use it. Reviews become of great help at this time, so don’t overlook them in your search for a vape device. Many individuals find they want to purchase a starter kit because they know it will have everything they need to begin vaping right out of the box.

Load the vape with the desired material. Most vaping devices use cartridges or pods unless there is a tank for the user to refill. If the user fills the tank, they must take care not to overload it, as this could lead to the device not working properly. Vaporizers need airflow to the material. Excess liquid interferes with proper airflow. Read the owner’s manual to understand exactly how to complete this task.

Certain devices allow the user to adjust the settings. Basic devices don’t have this feature. The user draws on the mouthpiece and the device does the rest. The more advanced devices allow the user to adjust the temperature settings to customize their vape experience. In addition, certain units allow the user to set different profiles and settings based on what the device is currently being used for or the experience they wish to have.

Lower temperatures produce small clouds while preserving the flavor and material. Experts recommend users start at these lower temperatures until they become accustomed to the vapor. Vapor production increases with higher temperatures, and users find they use more material. When vaping at higher temperatures, draws should be short and light until you become accustomed to the amount of vapor produced. As time passes and you get to know the device, you’ll find you gain more control over it.

The device vaporizes a portion of the material each time the user takes a draw. The vapor moves through the vapor pathway in the device to the mouthpiece. This movement creates the cloud associated with vaping when the user exhales. Many people find it strange to inhale this vapor, as smoke molecules are much smaller than vapor ones. However, users find they adjust quickly.

Vape devices need to be cleaned after each session. The user’s manual that comes with the device provides instructions on how to clean the unit based on the material used in it. Some devices call for isopropyl alcohol as the cleaning solution, while certain manufacturers recommend a cotton swab to clean devices used with concentrates. Today, certain products come with a cleaning kit designed for use with that unit. Keep the vaporizer clean at all times to extend its lifespan.

Mistakes People Make When Vaping

People new to vaping often ask if they are doing something wrong. However, there aren’t right and wrong ways to vape. Some people choose to inhale the vapor while others simply want to taste it. Personal preference plays a large role in a person’s vaping habits.


However, people make mistakes when loading the vaporizer with material, assembling the unit, or caring for the device. Look for the following things every time you use the unit.

Never overpack the chamber with material and ensure it is loaded in the correct place. Check the device connections to make certain they are secure, but never force pieces that don’t want to go together. Clean the vape regularly using the directions provided in the user’s manual. A clean vape enhances the vape experience while extending the functional lifespan of the unit.

Vaping Tips

In the event you aren’t satisfied with your vaping experience, don’t give up. There is a learning curve with every new item you purchase. As a person becomes familiar with their vape device, they find the experience improves in every way. The following tips help those who are still learning the device.

Control vapor production by taking long, slow puffs on the device. This reduces the harshness of the vaping experience, especially for those who are new to this activity. When the vape fails to produce the desired amount of vapor, the user often finds the material is the problem. The device may be empty or the user may have packed it too full.

Check the battery status if the device fails to respond to a draw or the draw seems weaker than normal. Always allow the battery to charge fully before you use a new device and charge the battery only until it is full. Vaporizers should not be left to charge overnight, as most only take an hour to charge the battery fully.

Clean the device if performance is on the decline and there is no explanation for the problems being experienced. Don’t overlook the settings on the device either. Any changes to the settings affect the way the device performs, and it may be something as simple as using the wrong profile for the material. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different settings either, as the vaping experience is personal. What works for one person won’t be appropriate for another.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of vaping and have a better understanding of how your device works, explore the various accessories and materials available for use with the device. Play with the different features on the unit. This opens up a whole new world for vapers, one that will have them wishing to experiment with new things regularly. Do so, as this is one activity you will find brings you countless hours of pleasure.