6 Reasons to Build a Home Instead of Renovating or Purchasing

superb location such as Sydney, Australia

When you want to have your very own home, you might have the dilemma of purchasing or building one from the ground up. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. However, the decision is up to you, but it is crucial to base your final decision on your lifestyle. 

It is recommended to hire builders in Sydney if you want to go the route of building a new home. To give you an idea, a 5-bedroom house in Sydney built from the ground up will require you to shell out $4300 per square meter. However, there are numerous factors at play that can affect the price. If you are thinking of buying a prebuilt home, the average house price is over $1,000,000. You have the option of applying for a low deposit home loan at 5%. You will need to prepare a deposit of $51,000.

Enjoy a brand-new house

When you build a new home, everything is new. Because of this, it doesn’t require you to make any repairs within the first few years. It gives you a long time to enjoy your home without being hassled about making repairs. It is recommended to hire builders in Sydney and collaborate with competent craftsmen, designers, architects, and engineers to build your dream home in no time.

Customize your home

It is challenging to find precisely what you want in a prebuilt home. But if you are up to building one, you will have complete control over the home’s design. You have the freedom to customize the floor plans in a way that makes you and your and your family satisfied. You can also add little extras such as your gourmet kitchen.

Move-in ready

Keep in mind that a move-in ready house may still have several things you want to alter. You might want to switch the colours of the walls. However, when you build a home, it is precisely how you want it to be from areas such as the flooring and kitchen cabinets. Meaning you can enjoy your home right from the first day. 

Sydney is an ideal location to build your dream home. It is well-connected since you will find public transportations such as buses, trains, and ferries that will take you through any area in the city. Enjoy mountain getaways, countryside scenes, and beyond. It is also convenient since trains run from Sydney airport to the Sydney central station.

Latest technology 

Smarter homes are becoming the norm since people are becoming more used to technology’s convenience and safety. Even if your newly built home isn’t packed with technology right off the bat, it is often tech ready. Meaning everything from security measures and electric gadgets in your new home can be smart in no time. Additionally, you may also get a discount on homeowner’s insurance. You get savings by merely being a trendsetting techie.

Energy efficient

When you want to be energy efficient, you can make a huge difference by planning how your home is built. It will help if you focus on purchasing top-of-the-line technology to have optimum energy savings in your home. You can customize your home in a manner that best suits you. Whether you want to utilize solar panels or focus on water conservation, a custom-built home will provide you with these options.

Be on top of trends

Newly built homes can accommodate modern trends and cutting-edge style. Don’t be hassled about renovating an outdated bathroom since you can build your own home and apply any style you want. You can customize up to the smallest details. From day one, your home is worthy of magazines.


Consider building your dream home in a superb location such as Sydney, Australia. Sydney covers more than 12,000 km² and has over 500 neighbourhoods. Each of these locations has a distinctive character that can match your lifestyle and needs. However, choosing which area of Sydney to build your home can be overwhelming because of the numerous choices. Also, keep in mind that since a majority of residents are born overseas compared to any other location in Australia, Sydney is more diverse and multicultural. It is effortless to meet new people and have amazing experiences. But in the end, Sydney is the ideal place to call home.