What the Best Side by Side Tires Are for Snow

What the Best Side by Side Tires Are for Snow

A side by side is an excellent adventure vehicle for year-round cruises. If you’re looking for a dedicated vehicle in the snow, or hitting the powder for the first time in your side by side, check out these helpful tips for buying the right snow tires. Order a new set  of tires and the best UTV parts today and follow these steps to install them before hitting the snow-covered road or trail.

Snow tires for your UTV, just like car snow tires, are specifically designed for cold weather and low temperatures. The rubber compound remains flexible at low temperatures, unlike traditional tires which can become hard and brittle below 45 degrees. Broad tire shoulders grip the road and add essential traction even when cruising over snow, slush and ice.

How to Install New Snow Tires on Your UTV

Shop for UTV snow tires with the same dimensions as your all-terrain or off-road tires. If they’re already mounted on a wheel, then swapping them out is a straightforward project with your lug wrench and jack. Be sure to thoroughly review the steps before removing and installing a new set of tires. Check out the recommended size of tires for your ride to enjoy an efficient installation project.

To remove the tire from the rim, you’ll need a few more tools. Start by removing the wheel and deflating the tire. Side by side tires may be a different dimension than automotive tires, but use the same components. Remove the valve cap and let all the air out of your tire. Take the valve core out as well.

The most difficult step in the process is breaking the bead. You may find this process is even more difficult with off-road UTV tires than with traditional automotive ones. The best way to take on this task is with a tire removal tool. Once the bead is broken, unseat it from the rim. This process, also known as peeling the tire, allows you to finally have a rim separate from the tire.

Thoroughly clean the rim and apply a sealer before installing your new winter tire. Take some time to properly seat the bead and position the tire. Fill up the tire using a high-powered air compressor to finish seating the bead. If you’re planning on driving fast on your UTV, you’ll want to balance your tires.

Side by Side Exhaust Systems That Won’t Break the Bank

Now that your tires are ready to take on your wintertime riding, shop for side by side exhaust systems. A new exhaust can help your side by side breathe easily by promoting good airflow. Choose an aftermarket exhaust system that’s affordable, but also uses high-quality materials to reduce the weight of your system.

Shop for the best UTV equipment today to get more out of your next adventure. Preparing for a winter ride can be the difference between an unforgettable trip and a ride straight into a snowbank. Use customer ratings to find high-quality exhaust systems and tires that offer the performance you need without breaking the bank.