Cowhide Rug: Keep Them Looking Clean and Smelling Fresh

Cowhide Rug: Keep Them Looking Clean and Smelling Fresh

If you are looking for a great accent piece in your home, cowhide rugs are ideal. They don’t only look beautiful and luscious, but they work well, even in the high traffic areas. These rugs are naturally durable and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy your purchase and get great value. These cowhide materials are very resilient and resistant to stains. Thus, they are surprisingly quite easy to care for, so you will enjoy them for many years for sure. Of course, to ascertain longevity, it would also help to routinely maintain and freshen up your rugs. Here’s what you can do to clean your cowhide rug to make them look pristine and brand spanking new.

Shake It to Get Off Debris and Dust

Go ahead and bring the small area rug outside to then shake it. You can even gently hit it against the wall to get out all the dust and debris that sits on top of the hair fibres. This is a very quick and effective way to get rid of all that accumulated dirt. Fret not because the hair won’t fall off. Remember, your hides are very durable, and a few shakes will not make them fall apart.

Suck Out Gunk with a Vacuum

Another effective method to thoroughly clean your cowhide rug is by using your good old vacuum cleaner. This will surely suck out all the yucky gunky hiding deep beneath the hair fibres that were not taken out with shaking. Just simply run your trusty vacuum on top of it to remove those surface dirt and dust.

Try Steam Cleaning

If you have children that often roll around and eat on your cowhide rugs, you may want to get the occasional steam cleaning. This gives it a deeper clean, removing any germs and bacteria with the heat. Best of all, it assures your rugs smell fresh as the day you bought them. To start this process, begin with shaking the rug outside, then you can do a regular vacuum. After, use your steam cleaner, setting it on the gentlest setting. Remember to clean following the direction of the hair fibres. Ensure that your rug doesn’t get too soaked and saturated. Finally, you can allow the rug to air dry well.

Take Away Greasy and Oily Stain

Got a kid wiping their hands on your rugs after eating oily potato chips? Oh no! Hey, you don’t have to worry or obsess over it because there is a solution. You can gently scrape away the grease with a brush or anything with hard bristles. You can also try infusing a little bit of eucalyptus oil on top of the stain to help dissolve it away. A small drop will do, then gently pat it off with a clean cloth. Another effective method is sprinkling it with baking soda then vacuuming it off. You can try these two quick fixes, but if you’re dealing with a stubborn stain, you may need to call a professional service.

Cleaning and taking care of your cowhide rug is easy compared to other types out there. After all, this rug is an all-natural product that’s very hardy. In fact, you don’t need any fancy equipment or plans to keep it looking fresh. Just use simple methods because this beautiful rug is fuss-free.