The 7 Best Exterior Wood Primer Products for 2021

The 7 Best Exterior Wood Primer Products for 2021

Should you prime exterior wood before painting?

Home improvement projects have become one of the many skills we’ve gained after we’ve been stuck home last year. Now that people are now able to gradually go out, these DIY project skills can now have further use.

Priming the freshly sanded down wood panels and surfaces before slapping on the color on them will help in sealing the grain underneath. This would then prevent bleed-through. Besides all of that, there will be a significant level of paint adhesion. This all seems and sounds tedious, but the end results will surely make you feel it will all be worth it. So for your current projects, here are the 8 best examples of exterior wood primer products you could use for this year of 2021.

For woodwork, in particular, these projects will have better finishes once the wood primer is applied.

  • Diamond Brite Paint Oil Primer

Let’s start off with something that is a bit more versatile. Besides being a really good oil primer, this works just as well on interior pipes, tanks, doors, even the equipment and trims on the inside of a house or building structure. Diamond Brite Paint Oil Primer can seal and can easily be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. One issue is that if not applied during a favorable climate, some adhesion issues can come up.

  • KILZ General Purpose Exterior Latex Primer

For something that can be extensively used on every type of exterior surface, this is something you need to get.

This latex primer is formulated to dry up very fast. That being said, this makes it easier for you to work and finish up projects. It is also an excellent sealant for porous surfaces and is highly adhesive. 

Once you get one, you will be able to just let 30 minutes pass and the primer will be dry enough to touch. You can add on the topcoat within an hour. Just one gallon will be enough to cover a general area of up to 400 square feet. One other plus here is that it literally has no odor. Which can affect you while working.

  • Rust-Oleum Primer

For brands that have a history of always being one of the great ones, Rust-Oleum is the brand to get. The paint quality is amazing, but their sets of primers are definitely better.

This can be utilized on interiors, but this was specifically designed for exterior use. This can hide any sort of stains or scuffs your wood surface may have. Can’t take these out by just sanding? This bucket of primer is the perfect solution!

  • Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Base Primer, 1-Gallon, White

Stains on the wood would sometimes vary from those that can be removed or covered up easily to those that need a bit more work. But no matter, this is a shellac-based primer and can hide even the most visible stains.

Because this is a shellac-based primer, this product can work on severe water and smoke damages. It can actually block scents that come with wood that have smoke damages.

Not only that, this is actually quite a versatile product because this can be used on many other types of surfaces, not just wood. These include metals and glass surfaces.

  • Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

There are some good two-in-one products out there. And it’s always a welcome surprise to find one on the side of paint and primers.

This product can provide a two-in-one feature that also performs well on wooden surfaces. Because this is technically primer and paint, this gives it powerful adhesive characteristics when applied.

The cool features don’t stop there. This paint and primer are also able to enhance color vividness and the overall quality of the paint on these wooden structures. It can even make rough or uneven surfaces look a bit smoother.

  • Zinsser Cover Stain Interior / Exterior Oil Primer Sealer

For those pesky wood panels that are too addled with stains, you can hide these with this product. This is one of the best exterior wood primers, and it helps prepare wood surfaces for painting because of its ability to hide or inhibit very heavy stains. Not only that, this can prevent tanning and seep from wood.

Amazingly, this product can stop bleeding from block cedar and rosewood. This also doesn’t require too much sanding in order for it to stick to the wood surface. This can help you out in sealing smoke and water stains.


These are just a few of the best exterior wood primers available out there today. But even with just these ones listed, you will now be able to discern the best brands and products out on the market today. So, we hope this article helps you in finding the best wood primer for your needs.