7 Tissot Models You Need To Know About

7 Tissot Models You Need To Know About

A watch doesn’t just tell the time, it also serves as an arm candy that can complete one’s look and make him or her more stylish. There are many luxury brands out there today and you might be wondering to yourself which brand to get to add your watch collection. Or maybe you’re just starting out and you want a reliable and established brand for your very first luxury watch brand purchase.

Well, in this article, we’ll introduce you to a Swiss luxury brand. This is none other than Tissot! We’ll give you a brief history of the brand and some of its collections that truly make it special. So, if you want to know more, then keep on reading!

A Brief History of Tissot

Tissot was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son in 1853. It has established itself as a Swiss luxury watchmaking company. During the era when it was founded, it began its life as a comptoir, along with most Swiss watch companies at that time. Individual makers in the Swiss region were the brand’s assemblers. Now, the brand has greatly expanded and has made its products accessible to over 160 countries. Tissot only uses exclusive materials with high-tech and advanced functions, and a lot of time and effort given to their meticulous designs.

“Innovators by tradition” is the brand’s slogan and truly, they still stand by it to this day! They stick to utmost quality and reliability in Swiss standards and they make this clear with the plus sign symbol on their logo.

The Top Three Models by Tissot That Make It A Cut Above The Rest

  • Tissot Men’s Couturier Black Leather Swiss Quartz Watch

This model is one of the most stunning timepieces from the Tissot brand. It has a sleek style with lines all over it that make it prominent. With a solid color for its dial, enclosed inside a silver case, it was made to look uncommon and stand out. The strap is made from black leather and has a buckle clasp that gives the wearer a firm grip and feels on the wrist. The combination of colors for the dial, case, and strap truly makes this timepiece stylish.

This timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 meters. The case is made of durable stainless steel while the dial window is built from sapphire, so you can be sure that this watch will stand the test of time. For men who like to stick to classy styles, this model is a perfect choice!

  • Tissot T-Sport V8 Blue Dial Men’s Watch

This model is more laid back and, as its name suggests, very sporty-esque. Inside the watch, there is a chronograph and is entirely made of durable stainless steel. This makes the watch truly embody quality.

With an electric blue color, it looks very stylish and fitting for younger wearers and those who are young at heart. The 4, 8, and 12 marks of the watch are depicted by Arabic numerals, while the index hands in silver color give the watch a beautiful contrast. This model is great for both casual and formal attires!

  • Tissot Heritage

In 1943, Tissot released the Antimagnetique model. The new Antimagnetique Heritage version is based on that particular timepiece. These two aren’t completely identical, but the new version took quite a number of elements from its predecessor.

The case is made of 42mm polished stainless steel, and the crown at the 3 o’clock mark gives the wearer an easy grip. The straight and slightly angled lugs, on the other hand, gives a comfortable feel. This model has a domed sapphire crystal dial window which ensures durability. The hour markers are colored black in Arabic numerals with a sans-serif font. The overall design makes it extremely charming and fitting for any outfit or occasion.

  • Tissot Couturier Automatic

The Tissot Couturier Automatic looks sophisticated and model, with its rose gold-plated case that has a mirror-shine finish. It looks elegant with a black sunburst finish and its contrasting hour’s index ring. All in rose gold theme, the dauphine hands, and dauphine hands look stunningly uniform without looking bland or boring. This is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their ensemble but not look tacky.

  • Tissot T-Classic Lady Heart Automatic

For ladies looking for a classic or timeless style, then the Tissot T-Classic Lady Heart Automatic is a perfect choice! The case is softly rounded, and the curved lugs give off an Art Deco style. The dial of this watch is like the standard T-Classic because of its mother-of-pearl dial surface and gold combinations on the indices and numerals. 

Where To Get Tissot Watches

It’s good to invest in a luxury watch, but you have to make sure you’re buying a legit one. There are a ton of counterfeit products out there, so to avoid the mistake of buying a fake, you must acquire your watch from an authorized reseller. Watchshopping.com is the best website to get your Tissot watches from because they offer authentic products with great deals. Whether you’re looking for a luxury watch for yourself or to give as a gift to someone, you will find it all in Watchshopping.com.

Get Yourself the Perfect Tissot Watch!

So there you have it, five Tissot watches that truly make this brand a cut above the rest. Whether your style is sporty and laid-back or elegant and classy, you will find a Tissot watch that will perfectly suit your preference and needs. But always keep in mind that you must acquire your Tissot watch from an authorized reseller. Watches are a good investment because they can last you a lifetime with proper maintenance. They can also make a good heirloom someday.

We hope this article helps you in picking the perfect Tissot watch that best suits your style and needs. Get one for yourself and show off that beautiful arm candy to everyone. A beautiful timepiece deserves to be flaunted!