The Complete Guide to Choose the Perfect Patek Philippe Watches

The Complete Guide to Choose the Perfect Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious watch brands, having been established in 1839. The Patek Philippe is currently one of the masters of watch complications, with over 80 separate patents. Patek Philippe Nautilus was launched in 1976 and rapidly established itself as a luxury sports watch due to its unique nature for wealthy watchmakers at the time. Antoni Norbert de Patek was one of the courageous soldiers who took part in the 1830 Polish uprising against Russian dominance. Patek was later forced to leave Poland, along with the rest of the population, and decided to settle in Switzerland in 1833.

It is a pioneer in developing a line of ‘complicated’ watches for women, which are among the most distinctive and valuable timepieces available. Today, we’ll walk you through the complete guide of choosing the perfect Patek Philippe timepiece for you.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

This Patek Philippe Nautilus, which was first introduced in 1976, is considered a large watch made by a big company. With its distinctive markings, this watch was instantly identified as a high-end sports watch, as it was designed in a way that was uncommon for wealthy watchmakers at the time. The first of its kind was the ref. 3700, which had a 42-millimeter case diameter and was assorted, quite large considering the period when it was launched. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990, the most recent addition to the family line, was unveiled at Baselworld 2014. And this Nautilus watch isn’t only for men; there’s even a women’s range.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut

This Patek Philippe Aquanaut, first introduced in 1997, combines technological excellence, high efficiency, and an innovative style. The watch’s case is illuminated by the screw-down crown, which provides additional wrist protection. It also has a contemporary version with a rounded octagonal shape. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is not only immune but also hypoallergenic and easy to wear.

Patek Philippe Calatrava

Exceptional purity. The Patek Philippe Calatrava is commonly regarded as the epitome of the round wristwatch and one of Patek Philippe’s finest trademarks, thanks to its clean lines. Its timeless understated perfection continues to enchant each new generation of watch lovers.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications

A lifetime of talent and artistry. The ultimate test of a designer’s competence and a watchmaker’s ability is complicated watchmaking. They mastered all horological complexities at Patek Philippe and designed the world’s most complicated portable timepiece twice this century. Many lifetimes of artistry and expertise are captured in each watch to create an item of timeless value.

Patek Philippe Complications

This is the ultimate measure of creativity. In watchmaking, a complication is something that a mechanical watch may do other than say the time and date. Patek Philippe has a long history of creating complexities that are useful in daily life, such as annual calendars, dual time zones, and world time displays. They have unrivaled experience in the awareness and practice of this pinnacle of the watchmaker’s craft at Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Twenty~4

Ladies quartz & automatic watches that are timeless and elegant. The Twenty~4 was introduced in 1999 and epitomizes timeless feminine beauty. This prestigious lady’s watch was designed to fit in with every moment of her life and is dedicated to the young, active, and modern woman. It is the ideal complement to trendy business or casual wear, and the most sophisticated dress watch for any evening wear, and is offered in diamond-set rose gold or stainless steel models. With the introduction of the Twenty~4 Automatic in 2018, brand new models have joined the current lineup. This latest series of self-winding mechanical ladies watch features the caliber 324 S C self-winding movement with date aperture and sweep seconds as the first model in the Twenty~4  range.

Patek Philippe Gondolo

The spirit of art deco. The Gondolo collection puts together most of Patek Philippe’s “form” watches, which are not round and have rectangular, tonneau, or cushion-shaped cases. Their strong lines, timeless elegance, and geometric simplicity are a modern interpretation of the art deco style, which was common during one of Patek Philippe’s golden periods.

Patek Philippe Pocket Watches

The traditional seal. Patek Philippe has been demonstrating its talents on the pocket watch stage for decades. Even though wristwatches have largely replaced them, collectors of rare timepieces continue to be enthralled by them. The manufacturer continues to make pocket watches in limited quantities as the protector of high-end watchmaking artistry. Their aesthetic dexterity continues to fascinate. These timepieces with manually wound movements are made following the Patek Philippe Seal’s strict guidelines in terms of artisanship and rate accuracy.

How do I know if my Patek Philippe is fake?

How can you tell if you’re carrying a genuine Patek Philippe or a replica? It is one of the most desired luxury watch brands in the world, as well as one of the most counterfeited. The demand for luxury watch “replicas” has never been higher. Here are a few things to look for to ensure you’re getting a genuine Patek Philippe watch.

Catalog or Online Photos

Finding a catalog or online photos of an authentic luxury watch that you’re considering buying for a good price is always a good idea to compare the real thing to the timepiece you’re looking at is always a good idea. This is also where getting a photograph of the genuine timepiece comes in handy. The majority of fakes may have some minor flaws, such as pointed rather than rounded hour indicators, lines rather than spots for minute markers, and the “Patek Philippe” or “Geneve” text placed incorrectly on the forehead. Subdials are especially prone to be misdescribed, and some may not work at all and are just there for display. More than half of the time, a side-by-side comparison of the watch you’re looking at and a picture of the real thing will reveal the reality.

Spot the defects

Fake Patek Philippes with less sophistication has the same shortcomings as all other cheaper versions. Misspellings, blurry, poorly stamped or carved lettering, unevenly spaced letters or markings, or asymmetrically-placed subdials are all things to look out for. Look for gold-plating on imitation watches, which is often used instead of real gold.

Lightweight and Deep

 Many replicas of Patek Philippes are far too deep and light; a genuine Patek Philippe should be small but hefty when held in the side. In general, you should recognize a quality, handcrafted work of art when you hold it in your hand, rather than a mass-produced piece with flaws or items that don’t look “quite right.”


That is all! A full Patek Philippe collection, as well as some helpful tips on how to tell the difference between a genuine and a fake watch. For more information and amazing deals, be sure to check out! We hope this list has guided you to choose the perfect Patek Philippe watch for you!