Strata Cleaning: 3 Important Reasons Why You Need to Hire the Professionals

Strata Cleaning: 3 Important Reasons Why You Need to Hire the Professionals

Strata developments, or buildings divided into separate lots, can be a valuable investment. However, they are also costly and time-consuming. As the owner or manager of strata, you are responsible for maintaining the strata and cleaning them regularly. If you neglect your duties when it comes to strata cleaning, your tenants could cause problems for you and you may face trouble attracting new renters.

It is tempting to forego professional services and attempt to handle all of the duties yourself. However, strata cleaning services are a smart investment for several reasons, and can help you ensure your building is kept clean and sanitised.

1. Professionals Have the Right Tools to Clean Properly

Cleaning a strata development is not the same as cleaning your home. For one, the surface that you have to clean is much larger, including hallways, vents, outdoor areas, and more. That means there is more space for dirt and dust to hide, which amateurs can easily overlook. You are also accountable to more people than just yourself – your tenants, potential buyers, and even government inspectors are expecting you to keep the area clean.

Professional strata cleaning services have the tools they need to clean an area to a standard higher than what you would be able to meet yourself. They have access to professional strength cleaners and know how to use them safely without poisoning someone with their fumes.

The professionals also have specialised tools to clean hard-to-reach areas. This can include shop vacuums, gutter-cleaning tools, and speciality techniques for cleaning inside your vents. Best of all, the professionals remember to clean those areas that on your own you may forget.

Finally, every professional cleaning service brings its own tools and cleaning supplies. In the end, it could be more affordable to hire a service than to keep track of all the cleaners, mops, and brushes you need and buy them all yourself.

2. The Stakes Are Higher for Strata Cleaning

As mentioned above, there are more people paying attention to how clean your strata are compared to when you clean your own home. If you do a shoddy job cleaning the common areas in your strata, it could have serious consequences on the health of your tenants. As an owner or building manager, you also have to follow building codes and government regulations.

Professional strata cleaners are familiar with health codes and know how to clean your building so that you are in line with government regulations. They can help you pass government inspections as well as manage the diverse needs of tenants, visitors, and potential renters.

The reason why professionals are so useful is that they know which spots in a building tend to accumulate the most dirt and bacteria. They know cleaning techniques that combat bacteria, which the past year has taught us is more important than ever. Hiring professionals can improve the overall health and well-being of people in your strata.

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3. Professionals Provide Comprehensive Service

Most professionals who specialise in strata cleaning are familiar with all areas of the strata that need attention. This includes building common areas, but also outdoor areas, gutters, windows, and more. They also know how to handle more difficult aspects of cleaning a building, such as sensitive wooden furniture or expensive finishes.

Even if you attempt to handle cleaning the strata yourself or delegate it to a building manager, you may still need to hire professionals to manage the landscaping, clean the gutters, wash the windows, and more. In the end, hiring several different professionals for different, specialised tasks will cost you more money and effort than hiring a professional cleaning service from the get-go.

If you are working with an experienced, reputable provider of strata cleaning services, they can take care of all the maintenance necessary for you. This is a more efficient way of managing your property. Having one company handle all of your cleanings also ensures that the standards will be more cohesive across the entire property.

Hire The Professionals

Hiring a professional strata cleaner is a choice that can protect the quality of your property investment as well as your time. The professionals can also save you money over time because you will not need to buy supplies, pay for speciality services, or make costly repairs if you do not catch damage early.

Professional strata cleaning services have the supplies and tools on hand to do the best job on your building. They are also familiar with local regulations and building codes so they can protect you from liability and keep your tenants safe and healthy. Finally, most companies dedicated to cleaning strata offer comprehensive services that cover all areas of your property.